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Acer Aspire R 13 (RT) review - an odd 13 inch convertible

Screen Our model comes with a The Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth responds accurately to taps and swipes and its surface is covered in Gorilla Glass 3, which leads to glare and reflections in bright light, like with all touchscreens. Acer Active Pen technology Keyboard and trackpad The keyboard on the Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth is nearly identical to the one on the S7, with the same key design and dreaded layout. Acer went for an atypical arrangement and left the 6th row of Function keys out, and instead combined the numbers and F keys together. That aside, typing on R13 is a fairly enjoyable experience, as the keys are properly sized and offer good travel and response for a laptop as thin as this one.

The layout though definitely is, although I think a regular user who does not type for a living and have as high expectations as I could get used to it. In fact, very little bothered me about this trackpad, aside for the slightly abrasive surface. I will tell you that the laptop is able to handle everyday tasks well, but also multimedia content, light editing software and some older games, to some extent. However, in order to make the best out of it, you need to take care of the preinstalled bloatware, as there are about 20 pieces of software that should not reside on your laptop, starting with all the Acer apps, continuing with the eBay, Spotify or McAfee apps and ending up with the CyberLink suite, which you should only keep if you plan to edit videos.

I ran a couple of benchmarks on this laptop and the results are below: Home Conventional — ; CineBench Pass 1 — Noise, Heat, Connectivity, speakers and others The laptop remains fairly cool and quiet in everyday use. In fact, the S7 with its smaller footprint and metallic body runs slightly cooler. Certain spots actually go beyond 50 degrees C when running games or other very demanding apps, which almost never happens in my tests. Most Wanted on High for 30 minutes Our version of the Aspire R13 came with an Atheros Wi-Fi N capable module which proved to be fairly potent as long as I kept the device in fair proximity of the router. There's a gap look at the stitches, no contact. Hinge holding safe was entrusted to Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth structures, and they let you extend the screen to degrees, not to mention that "in" is also played. The keyboard is pretty, but designers did not take advantage of it by making it compact than could be expected.

So, the region of the keys a little deeper, everything is in the usual places, none have been out of bounds. All buttons, have fallen to the top series as well as the functional blocks of the needle.

Drivers Acer Aspire R7-372T

And if you rarely use the first one, the arrow can be used to control the cursor. It Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth also worth noting that the island's keyboard has a smart enough between the key and the key size is not too Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth. If you're talking about the press itself, it's not too tight, have a good impact. Under the keyboard is the touchpad. He was pulled, has a smooth surface. Movement of the finger on the sensor surface is not difficult, and the sensitivity of the sensors work in a timely manner without causing problems with the retyping.


Using the touchpad, you can use the scrolling and zoom for pictures. Touch and manipulators the mouse button is the one. Clicking on the right and left corners to execute all standard functions that are assigned to each key. Acer Aspire R7 T is based on the Windows operating system in a home version 10 bit. The processor is a sixth generation Intel Core compareu with nominal frequency 2. CPU built in process of nm, has four kernel and third level Acer Aspire R7-372T Intel Bluetooth 3 MB. Chip performance is not too high, however, are capable of computing the overall plan today. Graphical tasks in laptops is limited to video card Intel integrated HD Graphics Of course, with only a small amount of system memory, and generally with a relatively low power, built-in gas pedal not being able to cope with most modern games.

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