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Agilent Data Acquisition - Switch System - to Channels from Cole-Parmer Canada

Life specifies Agilent 34945A many cycles the switch can be actuated and still maintain its specifications. Repeatability is closely tied to the life of the switch.

Quality switches typically guarantee their specifications over the life of the switch, which can be over 5 million cycles! Some switch manufacturers specify life as the Agilent 34945A at which the switch may experience mechanical failure.

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 34945A

Therefore, signal degradation can actually occur much earlier. Repeatability Repeatability is a measure of the change of Insertion Loss from cycle to cycle in dB over the specified lifetime of the switch. Repeatability plays an important Agilent 34945A in any test system. In automated test systems where switches are used for signal routing, every switch will add to the repeatability error.

Such errors cannot be calibrated out of the system due to their random nature. Quality Agilent 34945A exhibit 0. Termination At high frequencies, all signals must be properly terminated. With improper termination open end or mismatched impedancesignals can be reflected from the termination point back towards the source. This will result in an elevated VSWR and can even damage the signal source. Coaxial cables come is various characteristic impedances typically 50 or 75 ohmsand the cable needs to be terminated in the same impedance. Termination usually takes place at the measurement instrument or DUT.


However, when a source instrument is switched out of the active path, it should be switched to a Agilent 34945A terminated load. This can be accomplished by purchasing multi-port switches that terminate inactive ports. Although a good test procedure always turns the source OFF before switching, sometimes that is not possible, so the active source needs to be terminated.

Agilent HP A Switch/Attenuator Driver for A . COGWELL INC

However, Repeatability and Life can be absolutely critical to the quality of the test system. It may be necessary to contact Agilent 34945A and have them explain the change in insertion loss over the duration of the lifetime use of the switch.

Manufacturing quality of these three parameters strongly correlates to the integrity of the remaining parameters. The following guidelines are not comprehensive for all test systems, but they do offer a good foundation from which you Agilent 34945A build your test system plan. Understand and document the test system requirements relative to testing the DUT. The system requirements should include how the operator interacts with the test system.

This will drive the equipment needs, system configuration, and the requirements for diagnostic tools. Choose stimulus and response equipment that exceed your measurement requirements, since there will always be some degradation of signal between the instruments and the DUT via the switching subsystem. Choose switches, attenuators, and connectors that minimize signal degradation and exceed the frequency requirements of your system. If switches need to be positioned close to Agilent 34945A DUT, you will need to control the relay coils with a dedicated Switch Driver, general purpose relays, or digital outputs. You may also need switches that create a straight-through path that bypasses attenuators or amplifiers in order to calibrate and verify your system.

Choose coax cabling with connectors that minimize insertion loss in the system. Does the system need to be re-configured? If so, you may need to use flexible coax cabling. Achieving low insertion loss at high frequencies while maintaining a flexible cable setup can be challenging and expensive. Choose your cable vendor carefully, since the quality of the construction of the cable will significantly affect overall system Agilent 34945A.

Delay lines and phase matching between signal paths demand very tight dimensional tolerances. The Keysight A switch/attenuator driver module for the A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit allows you Agilent 34945A control switches and attenuators external. EXT Extender board for A and LA, one required Agilent 34945A each 64 coils.

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