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Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Total score: Single Review, online available, Long, Date: PC Advisor Alienware's designers have done a great job tempering the excesses of traditional gaming laptops with good looks and matte Alienware 14, and the Alienware 14 doesn't just look great — it shifts, too.

Alienware 14 Series

The quad-core processors puts paid to applications, and the GTX M graphics core handles modern games at high settings. It's not thin, Alienware 14 or quiet, but it's a more portable proposition than most of its 17in rivals.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Trusted Reviews In short, unless you really love the design and marginally better portability of the Alienwar 14, we favour Alienware 14 Asus GJX as our gaming laptop of choice. Great performance and distinct style, but the price Alienware 14 just too steep compared to its rivals for us to give a whole-hearted endorsement.

Alienware 14 - 14" - Core i7 4700MQ - 8 GB RAM - 750 GB HDD Specs

The bass produced a satisfying thump, while the synth-heavy interlude was crisp without being overly tinny. Alienware includes two audio programs with its systems. The first, Alienware Audio, allows you to change the notebook's basic sound settings. The real fun, though, comes in the included Dolby Home Theater software. From here, you can switch between multiple audio profiles, including Movie, Music and Game, or create up to six custom profiles. We tended to stick with the Music profile, as it offered the richest-sounding audio. Alienware's audio took a serious hit with the Dolby Alienware 14 turned off, so we strongly suggest you leave it on.

Keyboard Alienware's notebooks have some of the coolest keyboards on the market, and the 14's is no different. Instead of the chiclet-style keys found on many of today's laptops, Alienware continues to keep the keyboard's keys close together, making it easier for gamers to slide their fingers from key Alienware 14 key during Alienware 14 action.

Alienware 14 - 14" - Core i7 MQ - 8 GB RAM - GB HDD Specs - CNET

We also appreciated the soft-touch material the company used on both the keys and the wrist rest. However, the front edges of the system pushed into our wrists during prolonged periods of typing. Despite that, we managed to type at a rate of 80 words per minute with a 1-percent error rate on the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, the same rate as our desktop keyboard average. As part of Alienware's Alienware 14 design scheme, the keys are no longer outlined in bright LEDs. Instead, they have use more traditional backlighting, but Alienware 14 still be customized to any color you want via the Alienware Command Center.


Touchpad As part of the redesign, the Alienware 14's touchpad is now completely backlit, and users can change the color using the Alienware Command Center interface. In darkened rooms, the touchpad really stands out. The Alienware 14's 4 x 2. The pad's relatively large size means that users won't Alienware 14 to constantly reposition their hands when gaming on Alienware 14 go. The left mouse button didn't always detect fast clicks, but if you're a serious gamer chances are you'll wind up using a dedicated mouse.

Alienware 14 To say that the Alienware 14 gets a little hot under the collar during extended gaming sessions is a massive understatement. After we played roughly 20 minutes of "Tomb Raider," the 14's keyboard had reached an uncomfortable degrees Fahrenheit between the G and H keys. The middle of the underside of the system topped out at a disturbing degrees, while the rear vent got as high as degrees on the thermometer. The sole cool spot was the touchpad, which registered at just 88 degrees.


In general, we consider temperatures of 95 degrees and lower to be comfortable. When not gaming, however, the Alienware 14 managed to keep Alienware 14 cool. After streaming a minute video, the notebook's keyboard registered a relatively frosty 91 degrees, while the underside hit The touchpad remained the same 88 degrees as when we were playing "Tomb Raider. That's on top of the large vent on the notebook's rear.

All of these vents, combined with the high-end components inside the Alienware 14, result in a system that's not exactly quiet. When the system's fan kicks Alienware 14, it sounds like a small turbine. In fact, many of our colleagues were surprised to hear how loud the fan became while we were playing "Tomb Raider. And to attach all of those gaming goodies, a notebook needs to have a healthy number of ports.

Over on the left side, you'll find a lock slot, two USB 3. A DeltaE score of 4. Contrast measures 1, The viewing angles are excellent, and Alienware 14 could still read text from virtually side-on to the screen. A really nice display, suitable for gaming, watching videos and very sharp internet browsing. The Alienware 14 is a powerful portable gaming laptop with serious graphics punch and a slick redesign, but it gets toasty. This page provides reviews and other infos about the laptop series Alienware

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