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High Ripple Current Loads 13 Article: Advanced Electronic Power Simulation 14 Article: How to select an AC power source Technical Note: DC supplies provide power to the device under test as well as test stimulus. In some cases, the supply used to provide power to the DUT also provides a test stimulus by simulating the operating environment. For example, while most automotive electronics run at a nominal 12 VDC, the Amrel Systems PD20-2DA input voltage may be as high as 27 VDC.

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Necessities such as these determine power supply requirements. Let s take a look at other common power supply specifications Amrel Systems PD20-2DA you need to consider when selecting a power supply for an automated test system. Linear or Switching Supply? The first choice you must make when purchasing a DC power supply is whether to select a linear supply or switching supply.

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Linear power supplies offer low ripple and noise specifications and have fast transient behavior. They are, however, inefficient and generate a lot of heat. They are also quite heavy. As a result, most engineers find them desirable only at lower output power levels typically less than watts. Most linear DC power supplies are benchtop supplies. If your system requires more output channels, or higher output power, then using switching supplies is a better Amrel Systems PD20-2DA. They provide higher power density than linear supplies. By using switching supplies, you can have 12 DC outputs, providing up to 4, W of power in the same rack mount. Amrel Systems PD20-2DA supplies are easier to control than linear supplies and cost about the same per channel.


The water-cooled packaging allows it to be used in environments that normally exclude air-cooled power supplies. Even in applications where low ripple and noise output are required, switching supplies are often more than sufficient. Recent developments in power electronics, such as zeroswitching, have dramatically improved the ripple and noise specifications of switching power supplies. When you also consider that switching power supplies are more flexible than linear supplies and provide higher power density, it becomes apparent they are the Amrel Systems PD20-2DA choice for all but a handful of applications. One application for which a linear benchtop supply may be the best choice is when testing communication devices such as a radio or mobile phone or the demodulator module of a radar system. These devices have very sensitive discriminator or demodulator circuitry that work best with a low noise figure.

To test the true performance of these units, we need to ensure that the DC power supply does not add any parasitic noise to the test setup, and because linear supplies have lower output ripple and noise than switching supplies, they are a better choice for this application.

Linear supplies are also a good choice when power requirements are low. The main benefits of a switching supply are only relevant at higher output power levels.

It is, therefore, less expensive to use linear DC power supplies in applications that do not require more than W to W per DC output channel. At this point, it is also important to consider the total power output of all the DC channels in your system. If your system has four channels or less, and the power requirements are Amrel Systems PD20-2DA low, a good solution would be to use four linear supplies in a in.

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Transient Response Transient response is a measure of how well a supply copes with changes in current demand or how well the supply follows changes in the load impedance. This is an important specification for many applications. When the output current demand decreases or increases significantly over a short period of time, the output Amrel Systems PD20-2DA may also decrease or increase significantly. The power supply s internal voltage control-loop will try to keep the output at the set voltage, but the response is not instantaneous 12 Article Considerations When Specifying a DC Power Supply To get a faster transient response, you sometimes have to settle for more ripple and noise. Within Amrel Systems PD20-2DA programmable power supply, the tradeoff is between the internal voltage control-loop and the output filter.

A large output filter will limit the ripple and noise, but will make the supply slower to react to fast changing loads. A very fast internal voltage control loop will shorten transient response times, but may cause overshoot or undershoot, which may damage the Device Under Test DUT. Volts Current 0. And recover within 0. A typical application example where transient response is important is mobile phone testing. In this application, the DC power supply simulates the mobile phone s internal battery. When it begins to transmit, the current rise is very quick. This is not a problem for the internal phone battery, but for a programmable switching supply, it is a more difficult task.


For this application, a linear supply would be a better choice than a switching supply because the power requirements are low, and the transient response of a linear supply is, in general, better than a switching supply. Testing automotive relays and fuses is, however, another matter. For this application, the programmable DC power supplies must provide high currents at voltages up to 30 VDC, and typically, the power required is Amrel Systems PD20-2DA kw to 10 kw. In this test, a large DC output voltage overshoot could damage the relay or fuse.


To prevent this from happening, you want a supply that will control the DC output current instantaneously from zero to maximum output or from maximum to zero output. Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine from the front panel and you should be back up and running Amrel Systems PD20-2DA a very short period of time PD DA, 20, 2, 40, ¼. Simply go to and complete AMREL's Customization Request Form, or contact your other system indicator on an LCD display simultane-. PD 2. 2. % + % + 2.

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PD 3. 2. *2: The programming and readback resolutions are based on 16 bit resolution design.

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