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File Name: aopen_ax6bc_40212.zip
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64 (3.78)
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Supported systems: ALL Windows 32x/64x
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Now I am expecting something different from the ABIT because, in looking at the board, you notice right away that the capacitors around slot 1 look like Coke cans — really large uf compared to the usually smaller ones on other boards. This is supposed Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold increase stability, so I expect that at 2.

No such luck — fails Prime95 after a short while. OK, bump to 2. After a couple of minutes it fails. Try Again.

It fails not by blue-screening Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Prime95 reports an error. While I normalize the CPU and ram, these are 2 different boxes. AOpen has a nice feature to make BIOS upgrades easier — the download file for BIOS upgrades contains both the BIOS file and flashing program, so all you do is download one file, save it to a bootable floppy and boot the system with it.

HP 2000-369WM UEFI
ALi M1621 PCI to AGP Controller
Sony Vaio VPCF13AFXB Location
Gigabyte G1.Sniper2 Marvell SATA Controller
Mellanox MHES14-XTC HCA Card

The on-line manual contains an overclocking section which lists what peripherals work at MHz, a nice addition to see in motherboard manuals although I would prefer a paper manual — still like the feel of paper and a lot easier to use when you Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold some detail when setting up the board. I was surprised that the board was not able to show more stability than it did, as AOpen seems to enjoy a reputation for it. I like the features and software that comes with it and find its quality a step above the usual clutter of boards one would use in these instances.

[H]ardOCP: AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold

The board is a performer and up to just about any task you could want to throw at it. This is also an interesting point.

  • AOpen AX6BC Pro Gold - Intel BX MHz Motherboard Roundup (June )
  • Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold Motherboard Evaluation

This mainboard won this recently: Kudos to AOpen for bringing a great product and more competition into the market place, but I am really looking forward to their next overclocker's product. Maybe we Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold get like a Mercedes Benz hood ornament on the chipset next time On the other hand, the nice BIOS recovery features help to overcome this issue, as we will discuss later.

Intel 440BX 133MHz Motherboard Roundup (June 2000)

All PCI slots are free from obstructions, however the last ISA slot is partially blocked by the front panel connectors, which may prevent a full length card from being installed. One other interesting feature, which gives the board part of its name, is the gold heatsink Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold the North Bridge chip.


As more features are included into the motherboard chipset, resulting more transistors being packed in, power dissipation becomes an issue just as it does for processors. Recently, motherboard manufacturers have begun putting heatsinks onto the North Bridge to keep it cool so the system remains stable. AOpen decided to take this one step Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold and put a gold coating onto the heatsink to help with the heat dissipation. Just as the function of the heatsink is to conduct heataway from the chip, the intent of the gold coating is to conduct the heat from the chipset into the surrounding air more quickly. According to AOpen this will result in a Aopen AX6BC Pro Gold stable system, particularly when overclocking. Predefined processor settings are available, as are manual settings for voltage, multiplier and FSB speeds.

How do you get to be the number one motherboard manufacturer in the world?


It's not a big secret that only the top three happen to know, it's a. When we reviewed it back in July ofthe AX6BC Pro Gold left a lasting impression on us.

The impression was great enough that it won our.

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