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But I think it's worth saving the headache to just drop the 20 bucks and get a permi Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics. Anyway for this case, I really think it's worth the 20 bones. So, get yourself a license, which is based on your mac address and your email address make sure you use a valid email.

When you go into your driverloader config page, click settings and enter your driver information. How to get your MAC address.: Since driverloader will let you get almost all the way up without a license then you'll follow these steps to bring up Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics interface and get the mac.

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Right after loading your windows drivers, you want to open up a term window, su to root, and type "ifup wlan0". Now type "ifconfig wlan0" you'll see the hardware address which is the MAC address of your card.

Gateway 7510GX Review (pics, specs)

Copy that to the form for the license and continue. Now that you have your license installed it's time to bring the interface up again.

If you brought it up to get the license then it is already working and you may now skip down to the post install notes. If it's not then here's what you must do. The hardswitch works with driverloader it's just not automatic.

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Now, as root, type "ifup wlan0" and you're in business. Move on to post install notes. But it's not as bad as some might think.

Those of you not down with the networking, here's how it goes. If your routers IP address is Set your IP address to anything aboveex.

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Primary DNS will be Leave secondary and trinary blank if there. Change your host name to something else, domain name is optional, and domain search is optional, if you have a domain on your network, I probably don't have to tell you this but you ought to match your linux machine to the domain if you're going to browse the network create administrator computer accounts in Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics Active Directory or linux LDAP, no local config is needed.


If you restart the machine, your wifi radio will be off Don't start panicking when you're booting and notice that the wifi light isn't on. You'll crash your shit so hard it's not funny.

Go ahead and read that one more time for me, I'll wait. When you bring up your machine restart or cold bootlet it boot. Ultimately, though, this would be the absolutely fatal flaw of the unit: Operating System and Software The computer comes with Windows XP Home with Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics Pack 2 and a small variety of software, most of which will only work for a limited time period.

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I never did care for time limited subscription based software. You have to make your own recovery media. What I do take issue with is how they only let you make one set of recovery media. Complaints The randomly noisy optical drive view larger image My main gripes have to do with the lack of power management software, lack Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics controls for the shortcut keys, lack of an on-screen display for the ones that are there, the poor keyboard layout, and the lack of Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics frigging mute key or shortcut. Additionally, the hard disk is slow and threatens to drag the whole thing down with it, and the Mobility Radeon X, while more than serviceable, still just strikes me as being somewhat…tired…and the HyperMemory is completely unnecessary. But then I tell novices to buy Macs anyhow.

However, it runs and it runs well and stable, and what you get for the price is, in my opinion, downright obscene. Conclusion A few years ago Best Buy had its own like of computer hardware under the vprMatrix brand. The specifications of the Gateway GX follow, and I will try Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics be as thorough Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon X Graphics, MB Dedicated VRAM 1x 4-pin FireWire (IEEE), 1x S-Video Out, 1x VGA Out, 1x Mic. Free Download Gateway S Motorola Modem Driver for XP Intel PM Chipset Gateway S-7510 ATI Graphics Discrete Graphics - ATI Mobility Radeon.


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