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Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
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The AXIS P3215-V Network Camera browsers are Internet Explorer with Windows, Safari with Macintosh and Firefox with other operating systems. See Technical Specifications on page The Axis product includes one 1 H. The license is automatically installed with AMC. The administrator can disable the installation of the decoders, to prevent installation of unlicensed copies. QuickTime TM is also supported for viewing H.

AXIS P3215-V Fixed Dome Network Camera - network surveillance camera

If your computer restricts the use of additional software components, the product can be configured to use a Java applet for viewing Motion JPEG. Access from a Browser 1.

Start a browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. To access the product from a Macintosh computer Mac OS Xclick on the Bonjour tab and select the product from the drop-down list.


Enter your user name and password. If this is the first time the product is accessed, the root password must first be configured.

Axis PV Manuals

The controls and layout of the Live View page may have been customized to meet specific installation requirements and user preferences. Consequently, some of the examples and functions AXIS P3215-V Network Camera here may differ from those displayed in your own Live View page.

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  • Axis P3215-v 2 Megapixel Network Camera - Color Monochrome
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  • AXIS P3215-V Network Camera

To access the product from the Internet you must configure your network router to allow incoming data traffic to the product. To do this, enable the NAT-traversal feature, which will attempt to automatically configure the router to allow access to the product. This is done in the Configure Root Password dialog, which opens when the product is accessed for the first time. If the password for root is lost, AXIS P3215-V Network Camera product must be reset to the factory default settings. See Reset to Factory Default Settings on page To set the password via a standard HTTP connection, enter it directly in the dialog. A temporary certificate valid for one year is created, enabling encryption of all traffic to and from the product, and the password can now be set securely. Enter a password and then re-enter it to confirm the spelling. The password has now been configured. Camera Orientation This setting is defined the first time the product is accessed.

Depending on how the Axis product is installed, select ceiling, wall or desktop. To change these settings, the product must be restored to the original factory default settings.

For information AXIS P3215-V Network Camera reset and restore, see Maintenance on page Set Power Line Frequency Power line frequency is set the first time the Axis product is accessed and can only be changed from Plain Config see page 48 or by resetting the product to factory default. Select the power line frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz used at the location of the Axis product. Selecting the wrong frequency may cause image flicker if the product is used in fluorescent light environments. When using 50 Hz, the maximum frame rate is limited to 25 fps.

Power line frequency varies depending on geographic region. The Americas usually use 60 Hz, whereas most other parts of the world use 50 Hz. Local variations could apply. Always check with the local authorities. AXIS P3215-V Network Camera Live View Page The controls and layout of the Live View page may have been customized to meet specific installation requirements and user preferences. The following provides an overview of each available control. Select a stream profile for the Live View page from the Stream Profile drop-down list.

AXIS PV Network Camera is a streamlined, vandal-resistant fixed dome. AXIS PV Network Camera.

Streamlined and versatile varifocal with HDTV p. AXIS PV is a streamlined fixed dome with HDTV p video.

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