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I was able to determine the cause of this problem. When I made this scan I did a considerable adjustment of the tone curve the highlights were much too blue. Even though the scanned image has 14 bits per channel 42 total for 3 Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA color images; a 48 bit color image was imported into my image editorFilmGet 1. I often do multiple manipulations of the image, and if each manipulation were done with 8 bit precision, significant image quality would be lost.

Canon Powershot S20 Review: Digital Photography Review

There isn't much loss in a single manipulation, but I still don't like it. I'm a bit of a fanatic on this issue I'm paying for 14 bits per channel, and I expect to get it. How do I know processing was done with 8 bits precision?

When I scanned the image without doing any adjustments, the histogram was smooth. No detail was lost; FilmGet 1. For this reason I've stopped using FilmGet 1.


I'd like to see Canon address this issue. Raw scans from the FSUS tend to be full toned, ranging from a pixel level near 0 for the darkest tones to Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA for the brightest. The middle tones may be too light or dark-- they may, for example, be skewed by overly bright highlights-- but the full tonal range is present. Although it's more convenient to adjust the image during the scan, the end result is no different if you adjust it in the editor, and editor adjustments tend to be more versatile and precise than the adjustments in FilmGet 1. My favorite editor, Picture Window Pro 3.

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Since I always do some editing on the image, I don't need them to look perfect at scan time; the loss of convenience is not significant to me. The Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA of scans should be more consistent with slides than with negatives. You can save the scan adjustment settings if you desire.


I'd certainly like it better if those adjustments were done with 16 bit precision. FARE dust removal has been discussed Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA several of the above reviews listed above. It works extremely well. It saves an enormous amount of time, even though still go over the image at 1: It doesn't help much with fingerprints.

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I'm fanatic about handling film, but the underpaid employees of local photo labs may not be. So watch for fingerprints and clean them off isopropyl Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA, applied very sparingly, is cheap and effective. You must turn off dust removal or you'll get weird artifacts. Like turning "Chez Reymond" on the left into something like "Cheese Raygun" on the right.

These images are a portion of the "Bar du Fort Rabot" image above, taken in on Kodachrome To properly eject it, you must press the eject button in FilmGet. I had trouble in version 1. Everything works fine in version 1. You may want to check for the latest drivers on Canon's driver download website. The best alternative way to eject the film holder is to open the front door slightly, then close it thanks, Matt Mead. Works like a Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA. There is apparently no harm in slowly pulling it out, but I never felt comfortable doing it. Noise problem There have been frequent complaints about noise in scans-- sooty images, black dots, red lines, etc.

My scanner works fine; I've never seen these problems.

They have been attributed to poor quality control by Canon, but thanks to posts from Chris Bradley and others on the bulletin boardI'm beginning to suspect that some of these problems originate from the power line "mains" in the UK and can be fixed with proper setup. Keep the scanner away Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA the computer and monitor-- both potential noise sources. I flunk this one. My scanner sits on top of my computer, but the metal case may function as an effective shield. The FSUS may be sensitive to noise entering from the power lines.

Plug it in to a connection separate from the computer and noise-generating components monitor, etc. Use an RF line filter. Radio Shack has an inexpensive one:Free download, review of Canon PowerShot S20 Camera WIA Driver (CANON). Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay. PowerShot S20. PhotoStitch: 40 MB or more Canon Digital Camera USB TWAIN Driver: 15 MB or more Canon Digital Camera RSC TWAIN Driver: 15 MB.

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