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Interface Here's where we resume the whole "mixed bag" theme. At first glance, the S9's user interface looks delightful.

Cowon iAUDIO S9 Black ( 32 GB ) Digital Media Player

The icons grab your attention, everything seems clearly labeled and you're never more than a click away from your stash of audiovisual content. Navigating within the top-level menus is rarely confusing, and there Cowon iAudio S9 a fair amount of customization options to keep most everyone happy.

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The one issue we continually ran into was, paradoxically, a direct result of something we've already praised in this writeup. The lack of a "home" or "back" button on the front panel means that moving back within the menu system requires screen presses, and that means pressing a ridiculously small "M" button rather than just mashing a dedicated hardware control Cowon iAudio S9 escape whatever mess you're in. Additionally, some of the icons Cowon iAudio S9 within menus weren't what we would call "incredibly intuitive," though anyone with a hint of patience will quickly grow used to the environment. Rather than simply hitting a song and watching it spin up, you either have to hold that selection for a moment or double click it.

We guess this could be spun as a feature no more fat fingers accidentally queuing up a trackbut our generally accurate digits found it to be a hassle.

All in all, the UI is sufficient enough, though it's nothing to write home about. Any media Cowon iAudio S9 interface that's even mildly confusing could probably use some work, and while just about any system is tolerable over time, we fully expect a PMP's operating system to be mostly understandable from top to bottom right out of the box.

Latest News on Cowon Iaudio s9

On the upside, the ability to tweak the EQ Cowon iAudio S9 on the Now Playing screen was much appreciated, and the decent reaction to our thumb flicks to change tracks was also right in line with expectations. There was, however, an annoying amount of lag when waiting for the screen orientation to flip upon the twisting Cowon iAudio S9 the device to another angle. The quick and dirty of all this is that the sound quality from Cowon's S9 is stellar. Lows are punchy and decisive, mids are smooth and highs are distinct without being piercing.

On the same top edge of the player you'll find a track-skip switch also duplicated onscreen and a volume switch. If it were up to us, we'd lose the S9's play and skip Cowon iAudio S9 to lessen confusion, because more often than not we brushed the play button accidentally or hit track skip when we meant to turn up the volume.

The bottom edge of the S9 offers a power-hold switch, headphone jack, and Cowon iAudio S9 pin USB jack more common to cell phones than MP3 players. Having the headphone jack smack in the middle of the S9's bottom edge makes it a bit awkward to hold in landscape view, and unless there's a good excuse, we always prefer to see mini-USB jacks on portable devices than specialized connectors.


In spite of all the little faults we could nitpick about, the Cowon S9's hardware scores big when it comes to Cowon iAudio S9 screen. Not only does the S9 use a lightening-fast capacitive touch interface comparable to the iPhone'sbut its 3. The S9's screen isn't as large as the 3.

User interface Hardware has always been Cowon's strong suit, but its track record with user interfaces has been hit or miss. Videos fair much better, thanks to a 3. This tech sees the pixels themselves Cowon iAudio S9 light, theoretically increasing contrast levels and response time.

Cowon S9 MP3 Players eBay

It works well here, as the S9 produces a brilliantly punchy, sharp and vibrant picture, with very solid motion and decent black depth for a device of this type. Oh, and the built-in accelerometer means you only have to turn the player on its side Cowon iAudio S9 the picture to rotate and take advantage of the genuine If Apple's limited codec support puts you off the iPod touch, the Cowon S9 could be just what you're looking for. 16 GB capacity for about 4, songs; 55 hours of audio or 11 hours of video on a single charge; inch, million color AMOLED display with x pixel.

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