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The camera remembers which function you adjusted last, and drops you into the sequence at that position, but if you want to access the previous function in the rotation, you have to press the Fn2 button up to 13 times. In what seems to me Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 be an obvious miscue or missed opportunity, the front control ring and top control dial both operate to select the setting for the current option, vs letting you scroll to the previous or next option in the series. This could obviously be fixed with a firmware change -- here's hoping Olympus releases one in the near future.

Pressing the OK button in standby mode takes you to a Quick menu of items Live Guide displayed along the right side of the LCD screen, arranged in two sets of 7 each. Here, the front and top control dials work as you'd hope, with one selecting between options, and the other choosing settings within each option. Note as well that you can also activate Olympus' Super Control Panel from the menu, which allows the OK button to bring this up in lieu of the Live Guide menu items. As with the XZ-2, the Olympus Stylus 1's Mode dial has two custom setting options, which will preserve any settings adjustments made when in that mode previously. This lets you configure two custom setups and then switch between them rapidly.

An example use case would be to have separate indoor and outdoor setups if you were at a wedding or family event, with activities both outdoors in the sun and indoors in more subdued lighting. There's also a new option on the Mode dial albeit one we first saw with the pro-level E-M1 marked by a symbol showing Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 square divided into 3 sections. This mode lets you combine multiple shots into a single image, combined at the time of capture. You can choose the image effect applied, the aspect ratio of the final image, and the number of sub-images per master frame.

Olympus Stylus 1

After shooting a series to fill the shots within a given template, you have the option of going back and re-shooting any of them if you don't like what you've captured. When you're done, hitting the OK button or touching the OK icon on-screen saves the composite image to the memory card. Speaking of the touchscreen, it worked quite well, but its use overall seemed a little limited. Its use varies depending on the shooting mode you're in, but in most modes, its function is restricted to moving the focus point or for touch-shutter operation. In iAuto mode, there's a little tab on the right that pops open when touched, to give you options for adjusting color saturation, color balance, brightness, background blur apertureexpress motions shutter speedor view a list of shooting tips.

The touchscreen plays little role in making menu selections, either in the Quick Menu or the main menu system itself. When bringing up the Super Control Panel, you can tap on a setting you'd like to adjust, but that's Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 extent of the touchscreen interaction.

Olympus Stylus 1 Review Photography Blog

To actually adjust a setting you tap-selected, you have to press the "OK" button and then use the directional buttons or Control dial on the top of the camera to make the adjustments. While the sample I used in writing this hands-on preview was a prototype firmware version 0. I'm overall quite happy to give up a little aperture at the wide end to gain so much focal length at the long end. To see how the Olympus Tcon 1. We haven't seen a spec for maximum macro magnification other than the 5cm minimum focus distance, but I Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 to say that it's pretty good. Maximum magnification is enough that I can very easily distinguish the red, green, and blue pixels on my MacBook Air inch display. I didn't spend a lot of time playing with the Olympus Stylus 1's Movie mode, but it works much as you'd expect.

You can zoom the lens while recording, although you'll be able to hear the noise of the zoom motor pretty clearly in quiet surroundings. Autofocus is live during recording, albeit not terribly quick; this won't be the camera to Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 for live video of your sports star running down the baseline and sliding into home.

Hands-On Review: Olympus Stylus 1S Compact Digital Camera

Speaking of sports, though, the Stylus 1 has two slow-motion movie modes, recording fps or fps at reduced resolutions Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 x and x, respectively. In Auto mode, you only have to press the shutter release once. After that, all you need to do is move the camera to the next position, so that the target marks and pointers overlap, and the camera automatically releases the shutter for you. Three frames can be taken this way, which are then combined into a single panoramic image automatically in-camera.

In Manual mode, you can also take three frames with the help of an on-screen guide, but you have to release the shutter manually. Finally, in PC mode, you can take up to 10 photos, which can be stitched using the supplied [ib] software after being downloaded to the computer. The iAuto mode is a fully automatic shooting mode in which the camera analyses the scene in front of its lens, and tries to decide which scene mode to apply. Additionally, the camera offers up various shooting tips on demand. The optimum shooting settings are preprogrammed for Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 filter, and you have very little control over the final look. You can see examples of these art filters at work in the Image Quality section of this review. This allows you to retrieve your saved settings, which Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 great if you often find yourself shooting under the same conditions.

Cameras without wireless connectivity are increasingly at a disadvantage over competitors that offer this feature, so Olympus could not afford to launch a new flagship compact without Wi-Fi.

The implementation on the Stylus 1 is actually quite good. You first need to Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 a free app for your smartphone Android and iOS versions are both availablebut after that, everything is pretty straightforward. You simply touch the Wi-Fi icon on your camera's display to set up a connection. The Stylus 1 will then provide you with an SSID and password, but you do not need to type in either of them — just launch the app on your phone and scan the QR code displayed by your camera with your phone. Once the connection is established, you can download images from the camera to your smartphone, or use the latter to remotely control the Stylus 1.


The level of control provided is quite good — you can choose from Olympus Digital Camera STYLUS 1 variety of shooting modes, set aperture, sensitivity, shutter speed and white balance, choose a drive mode, and focus on practically any part of the frame, all remotely. The range of available functions may differ slightly depending on the shooting mode you are in, but the full list includes the following: Most of these are self explanatory. The Olympus Stylus 1 compact camera pairs a larger-than-average 1/" BSI-CMOS sensor with an F, mm zoom lens, high resolution electronic  Screen size‎: ‎3″.


Read Josh Taylor's hands-on review of the new Olympus Stylus 1S Digital Compact camera, at

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