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Page 7 Expansion The mainboard comes with the following expansion ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A Choosing A Computer Case There are many types of computer cases on the market. The mainboard com- ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A with the specifications for the Micro-ATX system case. Some features on the mainboard are implemented by cabling connectors on the mainboard to indicators and switches on the system case. Ensure that your case supports all the features required.

Installing The ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A Installing the Mainboard Follow these safety precautions when installing the mainboard: Installing The Mainboard In A Case Refer to the following illustration and instructions for installing the mainboard in a case: This illustration shows an ex- 2. Secure the mainboard with ample of a mainboard being screws where appropriate. Do not overtighten the screws as this can stress the main- board. Checking Jumper Settings Checking Jumper Settings The following illustration shows the location of the mainboard jumpers. Pin 1 is labeled.


Short Pins JP1B Short Pins Power On Connecting Case Components JP2: Keyboard Power On This jumper enables any keyboard activity to power up a system previously in a standby or sleep state. Or, the computer is automatically suspended after passing a period of time. Refer to the table below for information. Installing Hardware Installing the Processor Caution: When installing a CPU heatsink and cooling fan make sure that you DO NOT scratch the mainboard or any ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A the surface-mount resistors with the clip of the cooling fan.

If the clip of the cooling fan scrapes across the mainboard, you may cause serious damage ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A the mainboard or its components. Remove the existing retention module if applicable. Position the backplate against the underside of the mainboard, secure the 4 screws firmly on the retention module. Page 20 Locate the CPU cut edge the corner with the pinhole noticeably miss- ing.

Align and insert the CPU correctly. Press the lever down.


Apply thermal grease on top of the CPU. Put the CPU Fan down on the retention module and snap the four reten- tion legs of the cooling fan into place. The slot latches are levered upwards and latch on to the edges of the DIMM. Ribbon cable ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A are usually keyed so that they can only be installed correctly on the device connector. Installing A Floppy Diskette Drive Installing a Floppy Diskette Drive The mainboard has a floppy diskette ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A FDD interface and ships with a diskette drive ribbon cable that supports one or two floppy diskette drives. You can install a 5.

ECS Elitegroup DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard - Mainboard

The floppy diskette drive cable has one type of connector for a 5. Installing Add-on Cards Installing Add-on Cards The slots in this mainboard are designed to hold expansion cards and connect ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A to the system bus. Page 26 Follow these instructions to install an add-on card: Remove a blanking plate from the system case corresponding to the slot you are going to use. Install the edge connector of the add-on card into the expansion slot.


Ensure that the edge con- nector is correctly seated in the slot. Additionally, some computer cases have USB ports at the front of the case. Please make sure that the USB cable has the same pin assignment as indi- cated above.

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A different pin assignment ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A cause damage or system hang-up. After the POST routines are completed, the following message appears: Standard Cmos Features Some options marked with a triangle lead to submenus that enable you to change the values for the option. Use the ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu. In this manual, default values are enclosed in parenthesis.

P4vmm2 motherboard wont start

Page 35 Password Check If you have entered a password for the system, use this item to determine, if the password is required to enter the Setup Utility Setup or required both at start-up and to enter the Setup Utility Always. This site uses cookies to ECS P4VMM2 V3.2A capture URL parameters, count visitor number, share functions and etc.

Please visit ECS's Privacy Policy for further information. World's Smallest Windows Base Mini PC Kit, The Best Choice Mini PC Kit.

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