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I decided to get the V since it comes with SilverFast and I have never regretted it. Having used it for several months, I went for the Ai Studio upgrade and a target. The reason being that I always had trouble with i1 and in SilverFast the IT8 calibration works automatically. I can definitely recommend both, scanner and software, unconditionally. John Gittens, professional photographer - As a lifelong Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro now retired Professional Photographer I have scanned many images though most in recent years.

In we purchased an Epson scanner. Included with that scanner was the SilverFast program. At that time I had never heard of it, had just used the software that came with previous scanners. We recently purchased a new Epson scanner, the Perfection Pro as our previous one wore out. To say Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro least I was very surprised at the options offered with SilverFast and naturally used that for all my scanning.

Epson GT-10000/10000+/12000 Twain Pro Scan Server 1.1

Since that time, they have constantly upgraded options in their software, naturally each time improving it. There is even a separate option for Kodachromes. There is also the option for scanning in newspaper or magazine cuttings - Descreening, Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro there is a picture in there that you want to make a copy of for yourself. However as well at the options for Automatic Image Optimization for many different types of images, one can also use ones own judgement for changing settings such as colour, contrast, density, as well as being to change overall colour, one is able to change individual colours of an image without changing all.

Epson GT GT Flatbed Scanner eBay

One can set up a number of frame sizes for different size negatives or transparencies and save them for future use. If your scan item is not as sharp as it should be there is Unsharp Masking, another for Dust and Scratch removal. If you put your image in the scanner the wrong way, Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro, upside down, whatever, do not worry, with a couple of clicks that can be corrected.

As stated I am now retired but most days you will find me at the computer using SilverFast to scan in the many thousands of images in our files that we want to save AND improve in a great many cases. One day while scanning I happened to come across one of them, so decided to see what I could do with SilverFast. I must tell you that I was Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro at the result. It was not that the quality was as good as from a good colour transparency but it did give me a useable image! Again, they are not as good as from a good negative or print but they are useable, thanks to SilverFast. I have since upgraded to the Ai Studio version. While looking into upgrading with a new board or switch out completely to a New Window 7 Professional it became evident that I would have to make Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro big switch to a new replacement.

I am heavily loaded with XP software so I was concerned about which software would have to be upgraded as well. I have an Epson Photo and have been extremely happy with the results that I have obtained. I am heavy into retouching and restoration of photos as it is a sizable part of my photo business. I installed all the software packed with the which consisted of the regular supplied company software and SilverFast SE. When I discovered just what I could do with the software and the amount of control that it offered for black and white films such as by brand as well as transparencies and prints, I selected to use it exclusively and never really used the alternative software. John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader and his work has been published in a number of magazines and books.

Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro John Barclay has been recently asked by his sister, if he could suggest a solution for scanning a large quantity of family slides and negatives. For the second step John tested the Auto Frame Detection and the batch scan option for scanning multiple images at one time.


Another SilverFast feature John thinks is worth noting is Multi-Exposurethat increases the captured number of shades of gray details and reduces noise. HDRi and iSRD is very helpful with those images that had lots of dust and scratches and works very well.


The tutorial is available as a free downloadable. Mark has parsed his tutorial in five topics: As well, there is an added element of flexibility to this workflow, insofar as Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro infra-red channel remains with the saved HDR scan, so the user has the choice of using iSRD at scan time or any time thereafter. Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the complete dynamic range is a considerable challenge. This, because the dynamic range reaches up to 3. Fortunately SilverFast Multi-Exposure can handle the enormous dynamic range with film scanners.

This guarantees reproduction of the deepest shades inside Kodachromes successfully. If you scan Kodachromes without IT8 calibration, the scans will consistently show a strong blue cast. Using SilverFast, the user simply goes to the general panel in SilverFast's main control dialog selects Epson GT-10000 Scanner TWAIN Pro from the Pos. SilverFast now applies a Kodachrome profile, which is specifically adjusted for your Epson scanner.

Buy Scanner Software for Epson - better Scan Results with SilverFast

The blue cast is removed from the image! Better scans means more visible details in highlights and shadows as a result of higher Dynamic Range. This increase shows that the scanner can see more levels of gray, an increase from 1. That is a remarkable difference!

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Maximum Dynamic Range IT8-Calibration Dust and Scratch removal Kodachromes scans can present an unsurmountable challenge due to the exceptional high density of the unique film material. Epson GT Epson GT Downloads; FAQs; Manuals and Warranty; Registration; Contact Us. Downloads. Downloads not available on mobile.

duplex or double-sided scanning? The OneTouch feature is not working with my scanning program. What should I do? I can't start Epson TWAIN Pro Network.

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