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A full bit driver could offer significantly more halftone steps than an 8-bit driver, leading to smoother color gradations and tonal transitions.

As of October 1,Epson has announced their plans to release a bit driver for Mac OS X for the new,and printers. However, Epson has not announced any plans to release a bit driver for the In principle, one advantage of printing from a bit image data in Photoshop even today is that the final color space conversion from your RGB working space e.

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Printer Cartridge Supplies

This will minimize the chances of artifacts being introduced during this color transformation. Note that this benefit can only be realized with bit ICC profiles.

In summary, I always recommend editing your image in bit mode, but for printing to the it doesn't really matter if you print from an 8-bit image or a bit image. To simplify things, I suggest that you stay with bit editing throughout the entire workflow from beginning to end. What do the terms "bronzing", "gloss differential", and "metamerism" mean?

Epson Stylus Pro FAQ

Does the Epson have these issues? Bronzing is a phenomenon where certain colors in the print appear to undergo a color shift, depending on the viewing angle and the lighting angle i. The exact nature of the phenomenon depends both on the ink formulation as well as on the reflective properties of the paper surface.

Bronzing occurs only in PK papers e. Matte papers, which are almost perfectly diffuse, are not affected. On the with the K3 inks, bronzing is very well controlled. It is not totally eliminated, but it does not appear to be objectionable.


Gloss differential is a phenomenon where the amount of light reflected off Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Edition Printer the surface of the print seems to vary across the image. This gives the impression that some parts of the image are "shinier" or "glossier" than others. It is noticeable mostly in highlight regions which receive little or no ink. When the print is viewed at certain angles, it becomes clear that the parts of the paper that receive little or no ink seem to reflect light differently than the parts of the paper that receive heavier ink coverage. It occurs only with PK papers e. This issue does exist on the with the K3 inks, but only to a limited degree. It can be treated partially by toning down the highlights e.


Metamerism is a phenomenon in which two colors that appear to be the same under one light source e. This is problematic because, for example, a print whose colors look fine under daylight may assume a noticeable purple cast when hung on the wall in an office that uses fluorescent lighting. Metamerism is particularly undesirable for black and white prints, because it can spoil the neutrality or subtle toning of the image.

Prints on both PK and MK papers can be affected. Fortunately, problems involving metamerism appear very well controlled on the with the K3 inks, for both color and black and white images. There haven't been any reports of nasty color shifts when viewing the same prints under different types of illumination, and I haven't noticed any myself.

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This is getting close to the performance of dye-based inks -- impressive! It may be possible to get deeper blacks on other papers or with different driver settings. So far, there aren't many user reports for ImagePrint on the This may be because the 's output using the standard Epson driver is already considered excellent for both color and black and white images.

Users who do have an ImagePrint license for the report that ImagePrint's dot pattern is subtly better than the dot pattern of the standard Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Edition Printer driver, leading to slightly sharper output. Other comments on quality improvement include better tonal resolution separation and better color. However, these last two items are hard to pin down because they depend heavily on the quality of the profiles involved. Given that the output quality improvements are subtle, it's natural to ask whether ImagePrint has other advantages over the standard Epson driver.

In my view, here are two potential advantages of ImagePrint. First, ImagePrint comes with a large library of frequently-updated profilesnot just for Epson papers, but also for several third-party papers. They have both color profiles and "gray" profiles designed specifically for black and white printing. And, when it is combined with the breakthrough Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink, it delivers your creative vision without compromise. UltraChrome K3 ink incorporates a three-level Black, along with color pigments that raise the bar dramatically for professional color and black-and-white prints. Even more remarkable, Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Edition Printer latest high performance, one-inch wide print head now incorporates an Auto-sharing Black Ink technology, allowing both Photo and Matte Black ink to be installed simultaneously.

It is capable of handling virtually any type of cut-sheet media up to 17 inches wide. The Epson Stylus Pro incorporates a high-capacity paper feeder that accommodates sizes ranging from Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Edition Printer x 6" up to 17 x 22".

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Designed from the beginning to exceed all expectations in the area of photographic image quality, the Epson Stylus®Pro incorporates an all-new, inch. Learn more about an important security update for this product. Epson Stylus Pro Portrait Edition.

Epson Stylus Pro Portrait Edition.

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