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The fallowing is the report of the Inspector of Weights and Measures, read at the Quarter Sessions of the OJDty of Denbigh, held at Wrexham last week SIR,—I beg to report for the information of the court, that dur- ing the year weights and measures, making a total of have been brought to me for adjustment and stamping. That out of that number AST ESS 1869 ad justed and stamped, the fees for stamping are JE14 5s. That of these weights were condemned, being worn out.

That were right, for which no fees were received. That 63 informations have been laid against persons for having in their possesion unjust balances and weights convictions fol- lowed in each case, and penalties inflicted amounting to 1: That the AST ESS 1869 are thus described-Unjust balances, 25; un- i just weights, 38 With reference to the light weights more care is necessary by personsusing them, the practice is, they send me part to be adjusted, intending to send the remaining part on their getting back the first, but fail to do so, and then the weights get mixed. In those cases I cannot help imputing knowing fraud on behalf of those who do so.

I As regards titese acts, I obtained a petroleum tester from Messrs. Nicholl and Fowler of London, according to a previous direction from the court, who supply this county with the standards, and since then I have tested four samples of petroleum oil at Llangollen, two of which were not according to the act without license. Tw informations were laid and the case- heard at Llangollen each case was defended, and the defence discovered that the minor cup to contain the oil was not in accordance with the schedule of AST ESS 1869 act,and were therefore dismissed. Upon this I wrote to the Me-srs.

So, what's your rig?

Nicholl and Fowler, who in reply stated their AST ESS 1869 and surprise, and that they would send me another cup made ac- cording to the exact words in the schedule. With this I have made several tests, but have not at present taken any proceedings, as they are all in the Borough of Wrexham, and the parties arc eon- forming to the rules laid down. With these remarks I beg to tender my claim for inspecting this disiict as per county allowance.

At a special County Court held a few days ago at Holy- well, before R. Vaughan Wiiiiams, Esq. Mr Davies, solicitor, supported be claim, and it was defended by Mr Louis, Ruthin. AST ESS 1869

Mr tDavies in stating the case, said AST ESS 1869 the praonnt was claimed for services rendered under these circum- stances: At that time the plaintiff was a local preacher with the United Methodists, and was on the preaching AST ESS 1869 Tell me what is the meaning of a local preacher," as you call him? He is a lay preacher, and plaintiff lied been a preacher with another sect —His Honour Then he is a preacher unattached.

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He then saw the plaintift, who arranged to take the church for the remainder of that quarter, until the annual meeting, when they would fix on a regular minister. He was previously an ag-ent for an Insurance Society at Rhyl, and, -of course, he had to give up tljat situation ts AST ESS 1869 and reside in ths town of Holywell.

When plaintiff applied for the money at the annual meet- ing he was told that Mr Edwards AST ESS 1869 to puy. The pi rein tiff, in examination, detailed the circnmsteaces alluded to by Mr Davies. He said Mr Edwards came to my house at Broonalt. I was npetairs preparing for Sunday, Ild was called down.

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He-asked me about the 69 cause" in BryniZion, and I told him. Says he Will you t;ike tile churchy" it as true as I am a living man. Why, dotfi you know that it's a AST ESS 1869 of oath which should only be used on the most sacred occasions. Besides, AST ESS 1869 plaiiitiff should have sufficient charity to cover a nan'titude of sins. He said he never had received any such letter from Mr Barton on the subject, and that he never showed plaintiff any letter purporting.

He had AST ESS 1869 at plaintiff's house and also at Mr Griffiths with plaintiff, but he never engaged him to supply the pulpit. His Honour said if the letter was admitted in evidence it would go against the plaintiff, and explained the law the point.

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AST ESS 1869 If Edwards was acting for another, and he gave the plaintiff to understand that, then he would not te liable but if he did not make Richardson plainly endiistfind that he was only acting as agent for the principal, then defendant would be liablr. He then read oirer the copy letter which Mr Davies handed in, request- ing Mr Edwards to go to Holywell, and make arrange- ments AST ESS 1869 supplying the pSace; it was signed S.

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Why, this was the most extra- ordinary thing he ever heard. Here the plaintiiff insisted on putting in a letter which would unset his case directly, and on the AST ESS 1869 hand the defendant, whom it would benefit, objected to it. It is a pity that this case should go on it does not reflect any eredit on the parties.

We have dirt enough thrown on the Established Chutell. I tLink it is one of the dirtiest cases you have ever heard. Then your Honour must have heard some very dirty cases indeed. It is a AST ESS 1869 disgraceful thing, and the plaintiff is a rnnn who preaches the gospel but does not practice it. We can produce evidence of character. The plaintiff was again examined with a view of show- ing that he was engaged by Mr Edwards. Reference having been made to a letter written by plaintiff that he was a Wesleyau preacher, his Honour said that there could be no denomination that would allow him to jump into the pulpit without being ordained.

I know that, but there is an essential difference between the Baptists and Wesleyans, and they cannot allow him to preach for both it would be bring- ing disrepute on and muking a mockery of rpligion. ESS AudioDrive ISA AST ESS 1869 Cards are some of the best Sound Blaster clone. This is for thewhich is slightly improved with a higher 48 KHz sample rate  Missing: AST. COMPAQ ESS AUDIO CARD CTO ONLY overview and full product specs on g: AST.

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