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Driver Gateway Pfor Windows XP x64 free

In general, each cable modem and is capable of supporting a plurality of user devices for communication over the cable modem system User devices may include personal computers, data terminal equipment, telephony devices, broadband media players, network-controlled appliances, or any other device capable of transmitting or receiving data over a packet-switched network. Furthermore, in the example cable modem systemthe CMTS operates to receive and process data packets transmitted to it in accordance with the protocols set forth in the DOCSIS specification. Accordingly, the CMTS will be described in terms of a receiver portion and a transmitter portion. The receiver portion includes an optical-to-coax stagean RF Gateway P-173 Agere Modema splitterand a plurality of burst receivers Reception begins with the receipt of upstream burst signals originating from one or more cable modems by the optical-to-coax stage via the optical fiber The optical-to-coax stage routes the received burst signals to the radio frequency RF input via coaxial cable In embodiments, these upstream burst signals having spectral characteristics within the frequency range of roughly MHz.


Each of the N separate channels is then provided to a separate burst receiver which operates to demodulate the received signals on each channel in accordance with either a Quadrature Phase Shift Key QPSK or 16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation QAM technique to recover the underlying information signals. Each burst receiver also converts the underlying information signals from an analog form to digital form. This digital data is subsequently provided to the headend media access control MAC The headend MAC Gateway P-173 Agere Modem in electrical communication with random access memory RAM and read only memory ROM via a backplane interface and a shared communications medium In embodiments, the shared communications medium may comprise a computer bus or a multiple access data network.

The headend MAC is also in electrical communication with the Ethernet interface via both the backplane interface and the shared communications medium When appropriate, Ethernet packets recovered by the headend MAC are transferred to the Ethernet interface for delivery to the packet-switched network via a router. The transmitter portion of the CMTS includes a downstream modulatora surface acoustic wave SAW filteran amplifieran intermediate frequency IF outputa radio frequency RF upconverter and the optical-to-coax stage Transmission begins with the generation of a digital broadcast signal by the headend MAC The digital broadcast signal may include DOCSIS headers and data originally received from the packet-switched network via the Ethernet interface The headend MAC outputs the digital broadcast signal to the downstream modulator which converts it into an analog form and modulates it onto a carrier signal in accordance with either a QAM or QAM technique.

The modulated carrier signal output by the downstream modulator is input to the SAW filter which passes only spectral components of the signal that are within a desired bandwidth. The filtered signal is then output to an amplifier which amplifies it and outputs it to the IF output The IF output routes the signal to the RF upconverterwhich upconverts the signal. In embodiments, the upconverted signal has spectral characteristics in the frequency range of approximately MHz. The upconverted signal is then output to the optical-to-coax stage over the coaxial cable The optical-to-coax stage broadcasts the signal via the optical fiber of Gateway P-173 Agere Modem HFC network The invention, however, is not limited to the description provided herein with respect to FIG.

Rather, it will be apparent to persons skilled in the relevant art s after reading the teachings provided herein that other functional hardware configurations are within the scope and spirit of the present invention. For example, the media access controller is found within the architecture of both a cable modem and a cable modem termination system. Accordingly, a cable modem can also be made to generate DOCSIS headers in accordance with embodiments of the present invention.

Gateway P-173XL FX Drivers

For example, the components of MAC might generate a request to fetch a packet encryption key or perhaps to fetch a payload header suppression rule. The MAC is further comprised of a Payload header suppression rule verify and a Payload header suppress Payload header suppression rule verify is used to perform verification of a data packet payload header based upon the payload header rule. Verification is used to determine if payload header suppression should be performed. Absolutely no refunds for any reason. Winning bidder assumes all risk of liability with respect to the purchase of the product, buyer responsible for shipping charges. Unless otherwise Gateway P-173 Agere Modem, you have a 30 Day warranty only.

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Manufacturer: Gateway. GATEWAY P series: P, P, P, P, P, P, P Drivers for laptop Gateway PXL FX: there are 34 devices found for the selected laptop model. Microsoft, Agere Systems HDA Modem, Download.

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