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Tape drives store data on magnetic tape and provide a high-capacity, cost-effective tiered data storage back-up solution. These are the critical chips required to read, write and protect data. An SoC is an integrated circuit that combines the functionality of a read channel, serial interface, memory and a hard disk controller in a small, Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem, low-power and cost-effective package. Read channels convert analog signals that are generated by reading the stored data on the physical media into digital signals. We also sell pre-amplifiers, or preamps, which are used to amplify the initial signal to and from the drive disk heads so the signal can be processed by the read channel.

We provide similar technology for tape drives. Our hard disk controllers are used to control signal processing and communications functions within the disk drive. Flash Storage Applications Flash, or solid state memory, stores data in non-volatile semiconductors that retain data even when power is switched off. Storage devices using flash memory can typically store and retrieve data faster than hard disk drives, but cost more than hard disk drives with the same capacity. As a result of its speed advantage, flash-based storage has become a fast growing storage medium, especially for applications that can benefit from very fast access to data such as mission critical enterprise applications, as well as consumer products such as laptops.

An SSD stores data in flash memory instead of on a hard disk, providing high speed access to the data. SSDs use FSPs to manage the underlying flash memory, performing critical functions such as reading and writing data to and from the flash chips and performing error correction, wear leveling and bad block management. This product, which is an extension of our existing adapter products, incorporates flash memory and our FSPs, SAS controller chips and software on an industry-standard size adapter board. The product allows frequently-used data to be stored in flash memory, allowing for faster access and better performance for that data than if it had been stored on a traditional hard disk, and is aimed at the Web serving, data warehousing, data mining, online transaction processing and high-performance computing fields.

Server Storage Connectivity Products We also offer solutions that enable data transmission between a host computer, such as a server, and storage peripheral Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem, such as hard disk, solid state and optical disk drives and disk and tape-based storage systems. Server Storage Semiconductor Products.

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Inwe started sampling the next generation of SAS products which will support the 12 gigabits per second standard. All of these solutions utilize our fully featured RAID software and management utilities for robust storage configuration and deployment. Custom Storage Solutions We also Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem custom solutions to customers who develop Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet SAN switches and host bus adapters, storage systems, hard disk drives and tape peripherals. Using these pre-verified interfaces, we believe our customers can reduce development risk and achieve quicker time to market. Our solutions allow service providers and enterprises to accelerate and deliver differentiated communications services over mobile broadband and packet-based networks.

Our networking solutions are designed to enable wireless and Internet Protocol, or IP, networks to provide reliability similar to that of traditional circuit-based networks by incorporating quality-of-service features which enable data intensive applications such as streaming video. Our networking portfolio includes solutions for multi-service wired and wireless access systems found in carrier networks, as well as solutions typically used in small office, home office and small-to-medium business applications.

Gateway S-7235 Free Driver Download (Official)

We also design and sell enterprise networking devices for Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem such as Ethernet switches and routers. Our networking solutions include communication processors, network processors, media processors, content-inspection processors and physical layer devices, as well as software tools and segment specific applications, evaluation systems and reference designs. We offer both custom and standard networking product solutions to meet the needs of our broad customer base. Our custom networking products are developed for a specific application defined by the customer while our standard networking products are developed for market applications that we define and then sell to multiple customers.

Custom Networking Products These integrated circuits incorporate our intellectual property or combine our intellectual property with the intellectual property of our customers or other third parties to create a customized solution for these customers.


Table of Contents For some customers, we Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem and manufacture the integrated circuit while the key intellectual property belongs solely to our customers. Our 28nm silicon platform with an advanced design methodology offers power savings at increased density and higher performance. This platform allows our wireless infrastructure and enterprise networking customers to meet performance demands while simultaneously reducing product and cooling costs.


Communication Processors and Network Processors Communication processors handle the setup and operation of a network. We offer communication processors and network processors with the ability to handle a range of data rates. We believe doing so gives customers the ability to re-use software applications across our product line, thereby reducing cost and time-to-market. We offer a family of Axxia products with different price-points and throughput capabilities to meet Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem carrier Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem. Media Processors Media processors use digital signal processing technology and perform advanced algorithms on analog signals that have been transformed into digitally-encoded bitstreams. Our media processors perform audio, video and speech signal processing, compression, transcoding and transrating and can be used in applications including Voice-over-IP, or VoIP, communications, business and enterprise gateways, access routers, video delivery, media gateways and wired and wireless access network equipment.

Content Inspection Processors We offer a family of content inspection processors, which are available as integrated circuits, boards and software acceleration components designed for network equipment, appliance and server vendors. Multi-Service Processors In addition to the networking products described above, we offer integrated circuits and supporting software designed for equipment used in access, metropolitan and wide-area backbone telecommunications and packet networks. Our products can be used in equipment in both wired and wireless networks to aggregate and manage voice and data traffic. In addition, we sell integrated circuits and associated software for analog modem and firewire products, primarily to manufacturers of personal computers, notebook computers, point-of-sale terminals, facsimile machines, multi-function printers, cable and satellite set-top boxes and other electronic equipment.

Table of Contents Marketing and Distribution The semiconductor industry is highly competitive and is characterized by rapidly changing Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem. Our marketing strategy requires that we forecast trends in the evolution of products and technology. We must then act upon this knowledge in a timely manner to develop competitively priced products offering superior features, performance or levels of integration. Our products are sold primarily to OEM customers through our network of direct sales, marketing and field engineering offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and elsewhere in Asia.


Some of our distributors possess engineering capabilities, and design and purchase both custom solutions and standard products from us for resale to their customers. Other distributors focus solely on the sale of standard products. Gateway S Agere Modem Driver for XP. DOWNLOAD NOW. downloads · Gateway S-7320 Agere Modem on: Sep 3rd, · Manufacturer: Agere. Download Agere Modem drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities - Page 3. Gateway S Agere Modem Driver for XP. downloads.

Modem Agere.

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