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Unofficial Gateway P series /S/X/XL Lounge Page 30 NotebookReview

The present application is related to U. The present application claims benefit of priority from U. Provisional Patent Application No. A portion of the disclosure of this patent document and appendices contain material that is subject to copyright protection. The copyright owner has no objection to the Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio reproduction by anyone of this patent document or the patent disclosure, as it appears in the U. Patent and Trademark Office patent file or records, but otherwise reserves all copyright rights whatsoever.

CNA - Vad检测麦克风及其操作方法 - Google Patents

More particularly, embodiments of the Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio involve, for example, consumer electronics, personal computers, control systems, and professional assistance systems. In general, most existing systems and methods provide concrete functions, which have a defined response to a defined stimulus. Intelligent or learning systems are also known.


These systems are typically limited by the particular Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio employed, and rarely are the learning algorithms general enough to be applied without limitation to other fields. In fact, while the generic theory and systems which learn are well known, the application of such systems to particular problems often requires both a detailed description of the problem, as well as knowledge of the input and output spaces. Even once these factors are known, a substantial tuning effort may be necessary to enable acceptable operation.


Therefore, the present invention builds upon the prior art, which defines various problems to be addressed, intelligent systems and Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio, tuning paradigms and user interfaces. Therefore, as set forth below, and in the attached appendix of references and abstracts, incorporated herein by reference, a significant number of references detail fundamental technologies which may be improved according to the present invention, or incorporated together to form a part of the present invention. The disclosure herein is not meant to be limiting as to the knowledge of a person of ordinary skill in the art. Thus, prior art cited herein is intended to 1 disclose information related to the application published before the filing or effective filing date hereof: Human Interface Aspects of the present invention provide an advanced user interface.

The subject of man-machine interfaces has been studied for many years, and indeed the entire field of ergonomics and human factors engineering revolves around optimization of human-machine interfaces.

Typically, the optimization scheme optimizes the mechanical elements of a Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio, or seeks to provide a universally optimized interface. Thus, a single user interface is typically provided for a system, although some systems have multiple different interfaces which may be related or unrelated. In fact, some systems provide a variety of related interfaces, for example, novice, intermediate and advanced, to provide differing balances between available control and presented complexity. However, a typical problem presented is to define a self-consistent and useful i. Therefore, even where, in a given application, a Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio for optimization exists, the theory is typically not generalizable to other applications. In a particular application, the user interface according to the present invention may be applied to general-purpose-type computer systems, for example, personal computers.

While it might seem that a general-purpose-type computer system interface would necessarily be general purpose, and therefore not require modification for the many Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio uses, this is not the case. In fact, the lack of application specificity may make such an interface difficult to use, decreasing efficiency of use and increasing user frustration and the probability of error.


One aspect of the present invention thus relates to a programmable device that comprises a menu-driven interface in which the user enters information using a direct manipulation input device. An earlier type of interface scheme addressing this issue is disclosed in Verplank, William L. See the Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio cited therein: High Technology 2, ; Knowlton, K.

Louis, March ; Horgan, H. It is noted that in text-based applications, an input device that is accessible, without the necessity of moving the user's hands from the keyboard, may be preferred. Known manual input devices include the trackball, mouse, Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio joystick.

Many of such suitable devices are summarized in Kraiss, K. Another device, which may also be suitable is the GyroPoint, available from Gyration Inc.

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Such a device may be useful to assist a user in inputting a complex description of an object, by providing substantially more degrees of freedom sensing than minimally required by a standard graphic user interface. The Hallpot, a device which pivots a magnet about a Hall effect sensor to produce angular orientation information, a pair of which may be used to provide information about two axes of displacement, available from Elweco, Inc, Gateway P-171 Sigmatel Audio, Ohio, may also be employed as an input device. User input devices may be broken down into a number of categories:Gateway P Sigmatel Audio Driver for Vista. DOWNLOAD NOW. downloads · Added on: Aug 30th, · Manufacturer: OTHER.


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