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It was clear this was meant as a no-nonsense business laptop, and not a multimedia machine.

Having said that, the display is crisp and sharp for text and CAD work that I do. No standard FireWire port, if you want fast data transfer from such things as Digital Video Cameras then you need this. Usability Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management R50 is a joy to use. The keys are wonderfully tactile, and the TrackPoint navigation stick with the new Soft Dome cap is very comfortable to navigate with.

How to make ACPI work - ThinkWiki

The buttons for the TrackPoint are likewise very well designed. The TrackPad does Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management fare quite as well. For some reason, it always feels a little too small, and the buttons are flush instead of raised, making them harder to click. The motion of the TrackPad is also not quite as satisfying as with the TrackPoint. However, the extra features of the TrackPad are quite convenient — scrolling areas for horizontal and vertical scrolling, and customizable hotspots are nice to have.


I ended up using the top left corner of the TrackPad to simulate the Windows key. What amazed me most about the ThinkPad R50 in operation was the sheer silence. I could not hear the hard drive spinning against ambient noise in my home. While parked on my lap, the bottom surface of the R50 was never the slightest bit warm during normal usage. Please realize that the ThinkPad R50 Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management not designed to be a music machine though, you ll need decent speakers to hook up via the headphone out jack to get really good sound.

In the meantime, I amaze and astound my friends with the 3D real-time position readout! IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System monitors your notebook orientation Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management movement in real-time and parks the hard disk head in response to sudden movements Battery Life Battery life is another strong point of this laptop. My battery is the standard 6-cell mAHr battery. One great feature I should mention is the Battery Maximizer Utility.

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This power management utility comes with more comprehensive options than the standard Windows Power Management. It shows the battery status and time remaining on the taskbar, and you can also choose pre-set power profiles, or create and modify your own. Each profile has different settings for AC and battery, and you can set standby times, hard disk and monitor shutdown, screen brightness and CPU Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management Very slow, Slow, Normal, Adaptive and Maximum. There is also a battery information page that tells you the current status of the battery, including its specs, health and cycle count, as well as linking you to a help file with tips about battery care and maintenance.

This utility is Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management good supplement to the standard Windows Power Management but not a replacement. Higher numbers represent superior performance: Kernel panic - not syncing: With the above mentioned kernel parameter, both problems go away. ACPI daemon Also you'll need to install acpidif it isn't present on your system.

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Read How to configure acpid. As of kernel 2.

IBM ThinkPad R50 Review

ACPI events are now distributed through the kernel's input event framework, making acpid redundant and, ultimately, obsolete. However, userspace Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management have been slow to migrate toward the new interface, and many Linux distributions continue to enable the old interface. It includes a specific example for going to sleep on lid close.

Suspend to disk Hibernate There are two Lenovo ThinkPad R50e Power Management for this available: Both are reported to work fine as long as you use open-source graphic drivers. A comparison of the features can be found on this page. Just in case you are in doubtLenovo Power Management Driver for Windows XP - ThinkPad. W, Wds, W, Wds; ThinkPad R30, R31, R32, R40, R40e, R50, R50e, R50p, R Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management features for Windows - ThinkPad General. Individual Downloads. DownloadsBattery MaxiMiser and Power.


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