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The Ts drops the removable battery in favor of a sealed battery. This will be a bother for the road warrior who has the discipline to keep several spare batteries handy at all times, but if your users mainly keep their laptops docked, then it won't bother them. The Ts still has a standardized Lenovo ThinkPad T431s docking port on the bottom for use with ThinkPad Series 3 docks. The Ts has some ruggedized features, including draining channels in the keyboard deck to help with liquid spills.


The system is tested to Mil-STD levels for temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, and dust resistance. In addition to the ruggedized features, the Ts we tested came with a backlit keyboard with scalloped key tops, which makes it easier and more comfortable to type. As usual, Lenovo's mainstream business laptop has one of the best keyboards in the category. The system we tested also has a fingerprint reader and the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s security hardware behind it, as well as a smartcard reader.

Lenovo ThinkPad Ts Review

For those used to having the discrete buttons, the feel is likely to be disappointing. The rest of the touch-pad experience is good, though clicking did feel a bit mushy on my review system. Also, if you're the type to drag your palms when typing I amyou'll want to crank up the PalmCheck sensitivity. Even then you Lenovo ThinkPad T431s experience the occasional cursor jump.

It's a very good resolution for a screen this size: From head-on, the screen looks very good with nice color performance. Maintenance ThinkPad models have Lenovo ThinkPad T431s been friendly for end-user upgradeability and the Ts is no exception. Unlike most other manufacturers, Lenovo provides detailed and easy-to-find maintenance manuals for all its ThinkPad products.

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Warranty The standard 1-year warranty applies to all new purchases directly from the manufacturer. The latter Lenovo ThinkPad T431s notable due to the integrated battery; users cannot purchase larger battery modules to quickly swap out when battery life becomes low.

Feedback is firm without any of the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s that other Ultrabooks with Chiclet keyboards tend to offer and it was very easy to begin typing on the Ts without the need to first become accustomed to the feel or layout. The arrow keys are unfortunately still reduced in size and may be more difficult to use for those with larger fingers. Two levels of keyboard backlight are also available and they make up for the absence of the ThinkLight.

Oddly enough, the opposite is true for the Tu. The second major change is its overhauled top row of keys.

ThinkPad T431s Ultrabook

Gone are the dedicated volume, microphone, and even the ThinkVantage keys in favor of more multi-function F keys that are commonly found in consumer Ultrabooks. This simplifies the keyboard for a cleaner look and impression. Thankfully, users can toggle Fn lock to easily switch between the traditional function keys and their auxiliary commands. Touchpad The old textured trackpads of previous T Series models are sometimes criticized for their small sizes and redundant click pads, but Lenovo looks to finally change things up starting with the Ts.

The removal of the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s click keys has allowed for the massive increase in surface area. The notebook comes equipped with ThinkVantage Fingerprint Scanner software, which guides users through the initial setup process and offers a wide range of detailed options. Users can select any finger to work with the scanner, and the software requires users to register a number of swipes before setting that finger to the account to assure for accuracy.

Technical Details

The meticulous setup process proves Lenovo ThinkPad T431s be worth it however, as the fingerprint scanner afforded excellent accuracy only failing to register a scan on one occasion. Lenovo Thinkpad T Ultrabook, 14 Inch Display, Intel Core 4th Gen iU GHz, 8GB.

Lenovo Thinkpad T Built Business Laptop Computer (Intel Dual Core i5 Up to Ghz. Lenovo Thinkpad T Inch Laptop (Intel Core iU Dual-Core GHz, 8GB DDR3, GB SSD. The carbon fiber Ts with Lenovo ThinkPad T431s enhanced keyboard takes the corporate standard to executive level.


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