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The compounds generally comprise an acidic group, a basic Philips 107B5099 Monitor, a substituted amino or N-acyl and a group having an optionally hydroxylated alkane moiety. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the inhibitors of the invention are also described.

Methods of inhibiting neuraminidase in samples suspected of containing neuraminidase are also described. Antigenic materials, polymers, antibodies, conjugates of the compounds of the invention with labels, and assay methods for detecting neuraminidase activity are also described. Description Novel selective Inhibitors of viral Philips 107B5099 Monitor bacterial neuram1n1dases Background of the Invention Field of the Invention Neuraminidase also known as sialidase, acylneuraminyl hydrolase, and EC 3.


It is a glycohydrolase that cleaves terminal alpha- ketosidically linked sialic acids from glycoproteins, glycolipids and oligiosaccharides. Many of the microorganisms containing neuraminidase are Philips 107B5099 Monitor to man and other animals including fowl, horses, swine and seals. These pathogenic organisms include influenza virus. Neuraminidase has been implicated in the pathogenicity of influenza viruses.

Philips 107B50/99 Free Driver Download (Official)

It is thought to help the elution of newly synthesized virons from infected cells and assist in the movement of the virus through its hydrolase activity through the mucus of the respiratory tract. Objects of the Invention A principal object of the invention is inhibition of viruses, in particular influenza viruses. In particular, an object is inhibition of glycolytic enzymes such as neuraminidase, in particular the selective inhibition of viral or bacterial neuraminidases. An additional object Philips 107B5099 Monitor the invention is to provide neuraminidase inhibitors that have a retarded rate of urinary excretion, that enter into nasal or pulmonary secretions from the systemic circulation, that have sufficient oral bioavailability to be therapeutically effective, that possess elevated potency, that exhibit clinically acceptable toxicity profiles and have other desirable pharmacologic properties.


Another object is to provide improved and less costly Philips 107B5099 Monitor for synthesis of neuraminidase inhibitors. A still further object is to provide improved methods for administration of known and novel neuraminidase inhibitors.

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An additional object is to provide compositions useful in preparing polymers, surfactants or immunogens and for use in other industrial processes and articles These and other objects will be readily apparent to the ordinary artisan from consideration of the invention as a whole. Another embodiment of the invention is directed to compounds of the formula: In another embodiment of the invention the activity of neuraminidase is inhibited by a method comprising the step of treating a sample suspected of containing neuraminidase with a compound or Philips 107B5099 Monitor of the invention. Another embodiment of the invention provides a method for inhibiting the activity of neuraminidase comprising the step of contacting a sample suspected of containing neuraminidase with the composition embodiments of the invention.


In other embodiments, novel methods for synthesis of the compounds of this invention are provided. In one such embodiment, a method is provided for using a compound of the formula wherein the method comprises treating compound with a compound of the formula R5-X1-H to form a compound of the formula In another embodiment, a method is provided for using a compound of the formula: Quinic Acid wherein the method comprises treating Quinic acid with a geminal dialkoxyalkane or geminal dialkoxy cycloalkane and acid to form a compound of the formula: R50 is a 1,2 diol protecting group; R5l is an acid stable carboxylic acid protecting group; and Philips 107B5099 Monitor is a hydroxy activating group.

Brief Description of the Drawings Figs. Detailed Description Compositions of the Invention. The compounds of this invention exclude compounds heretofore known. However, as will be further apparent below in other embodiments it is within the invention to use for antiviral purposes known compounds heretofore only produced and used as intermediates in the preparation of antiviral compounds. Recipes and methods for determining stability Philips 107B5099 Monitor compounds in surrogate gastrointestinal secretions are known.

Such compounds are suitable for use in this embodiment. Note that simply because the compounds are stable to the gastrointestinal tract does not mean that they cannot be hydroyzed in vivo.

Prodrugs typically will be stable in the digestive system but are substantially Philips 107B5099 Monitor to the parental drug in the digestive lunem, liver or other metabolic organ, or within cells in general. In this instance, however, the compounds are delivered by novel routes of administration.

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Installation notes: 1. Start Windows XP 2. Click the Start button; point to Settings and click on Control Panel.

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3. Select and click on Printers and. Official Philips B50/99 Free Driver Download - . Popular Philips Display Philips 107B5099 Monitor Monitor Driver Downloads for Windows.

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