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Transmit LED, yellow, seen through the semi-transparent cartridge casing; 6. Network activity LED, green; 9.

Hole in the cartridge to insert Micro-SD card. This symptom is usually very well heard by the strong and loud low frequency 50 or 60 Hz roaring sound from the output device. Damages caused by not following this rule will be considered as out-of-warranty cases. Initialization messages and sequence Philips SA304655 MP4 Player better understand adapters functionality let s look into how it initializes, and where you should look at to find vital information about adapter s configuration and Philips SA304655 MP4 Player. Disk ROM enable bit will be set to the state of disk subsystem status of the previous adapter initialization, and will be appropriately changed during further Disk ROM initialization; NTP time is the time returned by the NTP server if request was successful.

During cold boot after power cycle or hard reset GR8NET firmware is initialized in mapper mode 0, and depending on the setting of target mapper mode see Setting memory mapperadapter will reboot machine in required mapper configuration. Note that to operate in mapper mode Philips SA304655 MP4 Player GR8NET adapter must be installed in primary slot, because GR8NET internally performs expansion of the primary slot and presents its functions in subslot 0 and mapped RAM in subslot 1 of the slot it is installed in.

To cancel re-initialization of the adapter in target mapper configuration during the cold boot, press arrow down key on the keyboard before adapter started initialization, and hold the key until adapter displays network configuration information. This action will force adapter to continue with mapper mode 0. While command names may look long, you will find that their names are convenient from their functionality point of view. CALL statements can not return value, and such division was decided as Philips SA304655 MP4 Player fit for programming user interface with the adapter and internet.

Technical Data Book Programmer s Guide

Operating in multi-adapter Philips SA304655 MP4 Player MSX system may have up to 4 GR8NET adapters installed, they are differentiated by the switch setting of the adapter. Each installed adapter must have unique number set for it. If you believe adapter is physically present in machine, but respective bit in argument B is reset, this may mean that adapter under consideration is faulty or was deactivated during initialization process after hardware reset due to conflict with another adapter. Any of arguments may be omitted.

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If statement is executed without arguments it displays information onto the screen. Usage After executing this command for e. Please note specific rules for invoking helper: By looking at the helper output, you will have an idea which adapter is reporting and thus is set as default Philips SA304655 MP4 Player.


If adapter with indicated number is not active in the system, Syntax error is given. By appending the name of the command to the HELP command, you get detailed description about command in question: Note that number of adapter is following HELP keyword rather than appears at the end of the command. Diagnostic mode If something fails during Philips SA304655 MP4 Player operation, you have an option to turn diagnostic on to see at which step exactly communication fails.

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  • Philips GoGear SA3046 4GB* Flash audio video player
  • GoGEAR. Register your product and get support at. SA4DOT02 SA4DOT04 SA4DOT08. User manual

In diagnostic mode firmware will print steps it performs, and you will get an idea the place Philips SA304655 MP4 Player troubleshooting. Mode is a bitmap diagnostic byte, bit 0 is set if adapter works in DHCP mode, otherwise in fixed IP address configuration mode, bit 6 is set if diagnostic mode is turned on, and bit 7 is set if there was error during adapter initialization. Number displayed in the brackets is adapter number which is reporting the status.

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There re three variables related to RAM allocation, all three indicate logical page numbers. To remove a video from the list of files, click. Find videos on the player To find Philips SA304655 MP4 Player by file name, Go to. Videos are listed by file name in alphabetical order. Videos are organized by file folder as on the PC. Play videos 1 Select a video.

Philips SA/55 User manual (Español) download

The video plays in the landscape view. Delete videos from the player 1 Select or play a video. Current video is deleted from the player. Start a slideshow When you view pictures, press to start a slideshow.

Pictures play one by one. Select play Philips SA304655 MP4 Player On the play screen, press to select play options: During slideshow, first press to pause. In [Slideshow settings], select your options for slideshow: Play pictures in current folder repeatedly. Play pictures in current folder in random order. Find pictures on the player To find pictures by file name, Go to.

Download Philips drivers for Windows 7

Pictures are listed by Philips SA304655 MP4 Player name in alphabetical order. To find pictures by file folder, Go to. PIM product data: Philips GoGear SA 4GB* Flash audio video player SA/55 MP3/MP4 Players GoGEAR, 4GB, 80 - Hz, > 80 dB.

Download Philips SA/55 MP4 Player driver for Windows 7 for free - Download Other drivers drivers from Philips for Windows 7.

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