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Is the notebook a worthwhile purchase over its competition and can it truly "redefine expectations" as Asus' would like us to believe?


Case ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN first glance, the stylish notebook might fool some users into thinking they are looking at a display lid manufactured from anodized aluminum. Closer inspection shows that the entire chassis is made out of plastic, which can be expected given the fairly low price point in combination with the not-so entry-level hardware. The dark gray display ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN features what Asus calls a "classic spin line finish" with circular grooves surrounding the Asus logo, which move outward from the middle.

While this treatment feels rather strange to the touch, there is no denying that it allows for a good grip even with wet hands and fingerprints are simply not an issue. While the base unit and the display ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN resist twisting forces reasonably well, the entire keyboard tray unfortunately lacks rigidity and can be fairly easily depressed with a moderate push from a finger.

Драйверы для ASUS RCA / RCC / XCA

The build quality itself is OK though ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN to small gaps and clean transitions. The hinges hold the display securely, although they can't prevent some bouncing. This is less of an issue here since the notebook is not equipped with a touchscreen. At x x The palm rest is textured. Connectivity The notebook rates just about average as far as the selection of physical connectivity ports is concerned.

The placement of the ports is less than ideal, since they reside very close to the front edge. This affects primarily ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN handers, as most ports are located on the left side and devices or cables that are plugged in here are going to impede the operation of a mouse. The card reader sits on the front edge on the bottom left and is rather hard to access.

Once we had inserted an SD card, we had to pick up the notebook in order to push the card in far ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN to release it. During our time with the XLB we ran into no issues with with the wireless connectivity strength and didn't experience any unexpected dropouts. Accessories Aside from the usual pamphlets and the Ultrabook-style AC adapter, no other accessories are included in the shipping carton.

ASUS XCA Drivers Windows (bit) • YouNotebookDriver

Since there is no docking port, there are no dedicated accessories available. Maintenance A bottom hatch, which is attached with two screws, gives access to the hard drive and the RAM slot, which, in case of our review model, is populated with a 4 GB module for a total of 8 GB.


All other components are not accessible unless the notebook is disassembled further. I then set out to identify the correct driver.

ASUS X200CA Ralink WLAN relevant output from lshw is: Ralink corp physical id: Device Physical Slot: I don't have one of those installed with the generic kernel. When I used insmod to install the new driver, I got an ra0 device reported Unfortunately, that's where things fell apart. None of the local infrastructure-mode access points were found by the network-manager The Mac address looked bogus If so, which is the correct driver to use - and how do I configure that driver?

Free Download ASUS XCA Ralink WLAN Driver for Windows 8 bit (Network Card). XCA Specifications: Processor: Intel Core i3 U Processor Intel ULV Pentium U Processor Intel Celeron U Processor.

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