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This is my first ever laptop purchase and since I am going to college, I'll need it to last all four years. When I first got on these boards I was thinking about getting a Dell Inspironthen I realized that a 17" laptop for college wasn't a great idea, so I wanted the Dellthen I heard about the upcoming and decided Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module wait for that.

Got My Sager [Short Review]

After thorough research I ended up purchasing the laptop from Power Notebooks on June 27th. Specifications of my Sager NP I was hoping around noon so I could have most of the day to play with it but it only got here at 5: When it arrived the first two things I noticed about it, contradicting Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module earlier two fears.

My fears were that it would look took plain and frankly, ugly and that it would be heavy. However after taking it out of the box, I have to say that it is neither.

The laptop is not Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module Vaio or a MacBook, but it certainly doesn't look plain. The lid looks 10x times better in person that ANY pictures could try to prove. The keyboard and track pad also look very professional. Many people have described the laptop as a Gaming laptop disguised in a Business suit, but I have a new way to express it's looks.


I would consider it more of a sleek, black Benz. Very minimalistic, with a few curves, shiny lid, a crisp, joyful keyboard give this laptop the same suave appearance that only someone like James Bond could pull off. I'll get people who strongly disagree with me on this, but honestly I say this as a person who almost canceled his order just so he could get a Vaio CR because of it's looks. As for the weight, I was worried 7lbs would be too much, but honestly it felt so light. I'm not really a Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module big of a guy either 6ft, weighing lbs.

I carried this thing with ease. Bottom line the laptop is minimalistic, but because of that very design and form factor, it stuns.

After plugging it in and powering it up for the first time I was greeted with the option to chose a username and password, after that was done, Windows Vista was testing my computer performance. It was at this time that my laptop suddenly shutdown. I was alarmed Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module worried, but booted it back up again and it asked me to create my username and password again.

A little distressed, I did as it asked and this time it quickly started up Windows Vista. The whole boot up time including having to start it up again after a surprise shut Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module was around minutes. I'm a person that has a lot of windows open at once and like to have them all on the taskbar without Windows grouping them together. This resolution really helps for that. Only complaint with the resolution is that when I tried switching to a non-native resolution it was noticeably blurry. In addition you may have to increase your DPI for a slightly larger font size. As for the sound, I haven't done too much with it yet to install iTunesbut it sounds like what an average laptop would sound like. For college I was looking for something sturdy and durable.

Sager Notebook NP2030 Media Office Hot Key Utility Windows XP

I am getting a laptop case for it, as well as a backpack with a laptop compartment, but I wanted to make sure it was still tough. The Sager feels solid.


The lid is difficult to open with one hand which is a good thing and the overall build feels sturdy. However, the right and left sides of the palm rests do have some flex. I know flex is relative, so let me describe Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module as accurately as I can.


When typing there is no flex on the palm rests to the right and left of the track pad. However, if you attempt to pick up the laptop with only ONE hand on either the left or right palm rest, you may be asking for trouble, as it flexes, more than I would like. Flex on the keyboard is limited Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module the top Function buttons. I don't feel any flex on surrounding keys when I click on one key. Outside of the flexing, the laptop is very quiet. I am about to install Civilization IV and Beyond the Sword and will let you know if the noise level increases. In addition I feel no heat whatsoever on the palm rests, keyboard, or underside of the laptop when Sager NP2030 Bluetooth Module normal applications. Once again I will update this after I've played a few games. Brand:Sager, Product:Notebook, Model: NPOS: Windows XP.

Sager Notebook NP Bluetooth Module Driver Windows 32bit/64bit · Sager Notebook.

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