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Getting Started Chapter 3. Using the Computer Chapter 4. Restore the computer using Samsung Recovery Solution. The computer will boot up in restore mode after a short while and Samsung Recovery Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad appears. When the start menu screen appears, click Restore. Connect the display device and the computer with the monitor and repeatedly press the F4 key while holding down the Fn key. When I turn the computer Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad for the first time after purchasing it, the computer does not turn on. To turn the computer on for the first time, you have to connect the AC adapter and then press the power button.

The power from the internal battery of the computer is cut when you purchase the computer for safety purposes. I want to restore the computer to the state when it was purchased.

If you use the Samsung Recovery Solution function, you can easily and quickly restore the computer to a previous state even if you do not have a separate OS recovery DVD or recovery CD. Q A Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad can I extend the battery usage time? The battery usage time may be shortened if you recharge the battery before it is completely discharged. For detailed information on a function, refer to the corresponding section of the User Manual. Note that the computer environment referred in the User Guide may not be the same as your own environment.

Samsung NPX3EK01JM, NPX4CA06US, NPX4D-A03US, NPX4DA06US 1 2

The descriptions and figures may differ depending on the installed operating system. Caution Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol, may cause slight injury to yourself or damage your property. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the consent of Samsung Electronics Co. The information in this document is subject to change without notice due to improving the performance of the product. Samsung Electronics shall not be liable for any data loss. Please take care to avoid Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad any important data and backup your data to prevent any such data loss.

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Text Notations Icon Notation Description Caution Content included in this section includes information required about the function. Note Content included in this section includes helpful information to use the function. Precautions for Operating System Support If a problem occurs because of the reinstallation of other operating systems OS or a previous version of a OS pre-installed on this computer, or a software that does not support the OS, the company will not provide technical support, a replacement or refund, and if our service engineer visits you due to this problem, a service charge will be applied. This Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory or claims it for further use.

Since this is commonly applied to Samsung Computers, some pictures may differ from actual products. Warning Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality. Installation Related Do not install the product in places exposed to humidity such as a bathrooms. There is a danger of electric shock. Use the product within the operating conditions Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad in the Manufacturers User Guide. Keep the plastic bags out of the reach of children.


There is a danger of suffocation. Chapter 1 Getting Started 7 Keep a distance of 15cm or more between the computer and the wall and do not place any objects between them.

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This may increase the internal temperature of the computer and may cause an injury. Do not install the computer on Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad slant or a place prone to vibrations, or Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad using the computer in that location for a long time. This increases the risk that a malfunction or damage to the product will occur. Avoid exposing any part of your body to the heat from the computer vent or AC adapter for a long time when the computer is on.

Elan touchpad in a Samsung laptop

Exposing a part of your body close to the heat from the vent or AC adapter for long periods of time may cause a burn. Avoid blocking the vent at the bottom or side of the computer when using it on a bed or cushion.

If the vent is blocked, there is Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad danger of damaging the computer or overheating the inside of the computer. Power Related The power plug and wall outlet figures may differ depending on the country specifications and the product model. Do not touch the main plug or power cord with wet hands.

Samsung NpX3C A01Us Users Manual

There is a danger of electric shock or fire hazard. Chapter 1 Getting Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad 8 If the power cord or power outlet makes a noise, disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and contact a service center.


Do not use a damaged or loose main plug or power cord or power outlet. Plug Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad power cord firmly into the power outlet and AC adapter. Failure to do so may cause fire hazard. Do not unplug the power cord by pulling the cable only. If the cord is damaged, it may cause electric shock. Samsung NPX3A-B01UB Elantech/Synaptics Touchpad Driver Samsung NPX4D-A01US Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7. Samsung NPV5A-A06US Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7.

Samsung Np900X3C A01Us Users Manual Amor2_eng.indb

Today I made the Windows 10 (Home) update to my Samsung Series 9 laptop (under 2yo) having uninstalled Avast! and making sure everything was up-to-date. I did a little research and found out that the culprit is the Samsung NP900X4D-A06US Elantech Touchpad touchpad driver which both Windows Update and Missing: A06US.

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