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Photography can be doubtlessly regarded as one of the most thrilling BTC-1820W of modern times.

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The art dates back to the 19th century, where the earliest known surviving photograph captured by a camera was taken back in the late s either or Many regard this point in time as the birth of photography. However, the industry began to profoundly change with the invention of the first BTC-1820W digital camera inin a breadbox-size that took 23 seconds to take a single black and white image. This invention marked the beginning of a new era that allowed people to document their lives on a minute-by-minute basis. Fast track to today, anyone with a camera can be a photographer. Anyone with a camera can use it to communicate an idea, a message or an emotion.

However, this has come with its own share of demerits. Interestingly enough, ideas today are built on the works of others.

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Most images we see today, especially on social platforms are plagiarized in a rather unusual way by re-creating BTC-1820W idea from scratch rather than represent a whole new approach. Modern technologies are of course revolutionary in content sharing but have given people the wrong impression. As the demand for images steadily rises, photographers lose potential earnings from the use of their material through illegal channels.

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A lasting solution to fair and sustainable BTC-1820W licensing for both, creators and users have not been created yet. Existing solutions to this decades-old problem are still rather BTC-1820W to date: One of the more common methods to prevent image theft are watermarks.

Watermarks work as an aforementioned deterrent and a promotional tool but take BTC-1820W from the consumption experience. The other common solution BTC-1820W hand are tracking pixels.


Tracking pixels are tiny transparent, pixel-sized images embedded BTC-1820W images. While the two can be considered as the best option for image theft prevention, the two — and any other method thereof — are no match for the new age of hackers. For this reason, photographers are uploading less of their work online while the time is right to do so.


With blockchain gaining BTC-1820W adoption, it is time technology works for the creator at the expense of the unauthorized user. Blockchain technology will pave the way for the creation of a decentralized copyright registry backed by smart contracts to help curb this growing discourse. Established init is a BTC-1820W online platform for publishers, photographers, image agencies, and e-commerce vendors.

The company was established for the fair management and BTC-1820W of image licenses for its users on the internet. Today, copyright infringement is difficult to pursue and is often considered a trivial offense. Even if images BTC-1820W cropped, edited or flipped — they will be found. Rights owners will be able to authenticate themselves on the new platform and then upload their images for certification.

How Blockchain Will Solve Photography’s Copyright Problem

From there on, those images will be BTC-1820W tracked for online use worldwide and licensing information as well as payments will also be stored in the BC. This ultimately brings full transparency to the image licensing market and finally returns control back to the rights owner.

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