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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Tekram Most of the motherboards, as far as I can see from the documentation on the Tekram site. More up-to-date versions are available from http: However, the ASUS controller is one of the best known, and is also of pretty good mechanical and electrical quality. One of the things to note is Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset it has active termination on board. I was a bit disappointed to see that the last card I bought only had passive Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset on board a resistor pack. Some people find it hard to believe that a 53c based controller, which is significantly less expensive than for instance the Adapteccan perform as well.

Clamps on both sides ensure a save connection. Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset compatibility test turned out to be quite a bit of a pain however and the reason for it is so sad. As you can imagine, this caused quite a bit of trouble in my 5 card configuration.


After 2 hours of trying I finally got all the Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset to work. You can read what it took in the compatibility report. Summarizing the occurances leaves a mixed impression. If Elitegroup should change the BIOS, the board could easily make the recommendations list, because it runs stable and it runs fast.

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I will retest this Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset soon, but for now it looks as if the problems were resolved. Since I received the board without the usual manual, I first had to find out how the CPU settings are changed. After looking around for a while I was sure that this board has to have some software mechanism for changing the CPU multipliers, since there are hardly any jumpers and certainly no dip switches on the board. This jumper has to have shorted and after starting the system you are in a Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset configuration mode of the BIOS setup.


Now the CPU multipliers can indeed be changed via software. After saving the config you have to short and the board will start normally. This is another pretty sensible security check, which can Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset a lot of possible trouble when using the wrong SDRAM.

The performance of the SEBX was average and you can certainly imagine that this board doesn't offer any chance of changing the FSB clock. Instead of this it detects the FSB clock automatically via CPU contact 'B21' and can hence still be overclocked using the 'B21 manouver' described on my website. The compatibility testing was causing a lot of trouble. I couldn't find any chance of getting this card to work properly including a connection to the network as long as the Crystal chip was not disabled.

The SEBX is all in all an interesting board and I would have liked recommending it if I wouldn't have had so many problems in the compatibility test. Not unlike the Siemens board it shows a lot of unique and intelligent features. The 5 card compatibility test was passed without any problems, but unfortunately the DBS stumbled over the IS PnP network card as many other Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset as well. The performance was average, but this is really not of any particular importance in case of a dual board. I really liked the board and it is certainly an interesting alternative for people who think that Tyan's Thunder Pro is overkill.

Microstar's LX board already received my recommendation and the MS could have made the top of the recommendations list if it wouldn't have a few minor problems. The board is first of all not as easily overclockable as e. MSI included all the popular new features, offering an optional hardware monitor as well. Also using this fancy heat sensor that's closer to the CPU: The compatibilty testing went fine in the '5 card test', however, the PnP ISA network adapter didn't want to connect to a network unless it was using IRQ 5.

Performance wise the MS was about the fastest board in the test, so that it all in all could still make second in the recommendations list. Well, I would never dare saying this about any company, but I do admit that QDI is certainly a well organized Chinese motherboard manfacturer that procuces good products. The Brilliant I however is pretty much an average board. The features are also pretty much the same as what its competitors come with, including all the Wake Up features as well as Hardware monitoring. The average performance, the compatibility problem, only three DIMM sockets and the difficulty in overclocking are the reasons why the Brilliant I could not make the recommendations list. It's the only board in the test which optionally comes with Matrox' G chip onboard, which means that it could possibly even be equipped with the G chip, since this chip is pin compatible to the G Other special features include a port for a chip card reader, a special dip switch for 'BIOS restore', which can save Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset life after an unsuccessful BIOS flash update.

The compatibility test was a very pleasant experience, since the D didn't require any BIOS settings to pass all the tests.

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This motherboard is certainly targeted to the corporate market, where overclocking features are not of any interest, but where easyness of use is the most important topic. This is Tekram P6L40-A4X Intel Chipset the D does very well. Hardware Monitoring and Alert functions with LM78 (for P6LA4X only). The Award. BIOS also. Intel LX chipset supports only 60/66 MHz bus clock. SB, INTELMB/2, PC, MB/MB/64MB. SM, INTELMB/2, PC, MB/MB/64MB.



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