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Built-in support for billing integration using major credit cards. Built-in support for voucher-based authentication. Built-in Hotspot Manager for voucher creation, guest management, and payment refund.

Full customization and branding of Hotspot portal pages. Remote Firmware Upgrade Save time and effort by remotely upgrading device firmware. Users and Guests Keep track and control access of specific users and guests connected to Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point network s. That was on 5G with the Linksys gear, here it is on 5G with Ubiquiti: In fact, it's as fast as my connection will go - I even saw a few Mbps less just now when I tried it on my desktop PC wired directly into the switch.

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-PRO UniFi Access Point UAP-AC-PRO-US

Now of course there's lots of factors involved here as well, not least of which is the proximity to the AP and if there's any obstructions. In my case, it was about 6m away and separated by a concrete wall. But what I'm happy about is that this is my Lenovo P50 sitting on the kitchen bench where Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point so frequently use it and I'm now getting the maximum possible speed through to the internet which is what was most important for me. This is by no means a comprehensive test, but it's the one that most mattered to me.

If you want to get into more technical detail, check out the post titled Ubiquiti UniFi made me realize how terrible consumer Wi-Fi gear is on Ars. That pretty much sums it up for me too: Now all this is cool, but wait until you see the next bit Analysing the network I wanted to leave this until now because it doesn't make a lot of Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point until everything is plugged in and traffic is being captured, so here it is, in all its glory: Need a quiet moment to yourself? Yeah, it's that good.


Let's Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point through it bit by bit from top to bottom: The 44ms latency is what I'm getting on the outbound connection and I'm pulling down 49Mbps whilst pushing up 0. Here the Security Gateway is inspecting the traffic so that it can give you reports like this: DPI is actually still indicated as being in beta at the time of writing and there are a few rough edges but it's still very well presented.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point For example, there's a lot of Dropbox traffic in there, let's see who that's coming from: Ok, that'd be mostly me then! Now just in case anyone asks, yes, Dropbox traffic is encrypted but a man in the middle can still observe the service the traffic is going to and which clients are sending it hence the ability to do visualisations like this. Actually, the Dropbox graph is a good example of where it's still a little bit rough.


The clients beneath it are also a bit misleading - we're looking at current activity here as opposed to historical shares of the But Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point, it's beta and once the data exists they can always but more intuitive visualisations over it later on. In fact, to the point about later updates, Ubiquiti is actively working on new features: I think you'll like this topology view when it's out later this year - particularly Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point you have the full UniFi kti!


I've never had a home access point that's done that and frankly, I've been lucky to ever see any updates of any kind on most of them! Guest network Just a quick one here - of course there's the ability to create a guest network: What did surprise me though is the extent to which it can be customised which is, well, pretty full on: This brings us back to the premise that this isn't a consumer product and that it's designed to support all Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point of use cases you're not going to see in the home.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO access point, 2x, 1Gbps/300Mbps

Changing the authentication to "Hotspot", for example, allows you to configure voucher and payment based authorisation. Finally, on the guest side of things, there's easy access to filtering down the subnets available on that network which is pretty handy in terms of keeping guests isolated but also having the ability to give them access to certain devices if desired: Other controls There's more configurability than what I have time to cover, but let me give you just a sense of things. I could decide that I want to limit the speed some users can achieve by setting upload and download limits in a new user group: I can then create a new wireless network and apply the group to it: And because this is for the kids, I've also restricted their hours so they're offline by Mobile clients For me personally, these aren't particularity important as Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point always close to a PC which is going to be a much better experience if I'm configuring anything, but they've actually got pretty neat iOS clients: Actually, the one surprising thing I found was that the mobile clients seem to be the only place where I can see which devices are on 2.

Not sure entirely why that is a possible answer is that I'm simply missing it on the portalbut here we are. Other bits A few other things that have come up as I've been researching, configuring and sharing progress online: There's some contention about whether or not you should have a Security Gateway or an Edge Router, there's even a video dedicated to the discussion. The tl;dr is that the Security Gateways works with the UniFi ecosystem which gives it nice integration but lacks the power and configuration of the Edge Router. Unlimited Indoor/Outdoor AP Scalability in a Unified Management System.

Breakthrough. UAP-AC-PRO. Deploy the UniFi AC Pro AP indoors or outdoors, in. Jump to UniFi AC Access Points - Start with one (or upgrade to Ubiquiti UAP-AC-OD Access Point four‑pack or five) and expand The UniFi AC AP family is comprised of the three access  ‎UniFi HD Access Points · ‎UniFi XG Access Points.

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