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One visitor, though, came very close to avoiding that piercing look of the Pasha; he was James Augustus St. John, who visited Egypt in the early s and met the Pasha on 21 November His description of the encounter with the Ali P4AL-800 starts off as most other accounts do: Having ascended these stairs, we crossed several spacious halls.

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John soon realized that he was 21 22 24 C. Scott, Rambles in Egypt and Candia London: Henry Colborn,I, pp.


Murray, Short Memoir, p. Rather than give in to Mehmed Ali's manipulation, the shrewd visitor set out to demystify the mysterious Pasha and instead of starting his account with a description of the Pasha's physical features, he Ali P4AL-800 with it: Mohammed Ali is a man of middling stature. His features.


In dress he differs but little, if at all, from any other Turkish gentleman; he has, however, a certain dignity in his manners which. But this dignity seems almost inseparable from the possession of power: John realized that the Pasha's mesmerizing presence is ultimately connected with the power he holds; and that this power is essentially an effect not Ali P4AL-800 the Pasha's inherent genius, but of the elaborate mystique of his court ceremonials that Ali P4AL-800 to impress the spectator into thinking that what goes on there is "not merely important but in some odd fashion connected with the way the world is built.

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John, this book attempts to see if it is possible to write the history of Egypt in the first half of the nineteenth century without being stung by the Pasha or hypnotized by his gaze. The reason it opened with an account of his body and his gaze is to introduce a theme, or more precisely a technique, that runs throughout this book: In one sense, then, this is a book about spectacles of power: It deals with numerous such spectacles mostly staged by a man who, as we have seen and as we shall see further, was a 25 26 Ibid. Clifford Geertz, Ali P4AL-800, kings, and charisma: Reflections on the symbolics of power," in Sean Wilentz, ed.

University of Pennsylvania Press,p. The army, the economy and society 9 master of the art of staging spectacles and of influencing audiences. Another reason for opening with a glimpse of the Pasha in his palaces is to warn the reader about the Pasha's gaze and to stress the fact that while attempting to avoid it, this book Ali P4AL-800 still written with the knowledge that his controlling gaze continues to exert its influence.

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The army, the economy and society Only after warning the reader by introducing the "old spider in his den" and seeing him manipulating his audience can one feel safe in stepping back to narrate Mehmed Ali's story and to place him in a wider historical context. This is the year that Mehmed Ali started to found a modern army in Egypt, an army which was based on conscription and which relied on the institutions of the modern state that he founded mainly to serve that army. It is this army, rather than Mehmed Ali's character or his person, that is the subject of this book, and it is this central institution that is studied below in order to analyze the nature of Egyptian society in the first half of the nineteenth century. Ali P4AL-800 the time Mehmed Ali started to found this army in he had already been occupying the prestigious and lucrative post of governor of Egypt on behalf of the Ottoman Sultan for fifteen years.

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During this long period he had managed to tighten Cairo's control over the provinces by fighting corruption in the local bureaucracy,27 by conducting a cadastral survey that was crucial in abolishing the tax farming system iltizavn and in the cancellation of the immunities on agricultural land belonging to mosques and pious foundations awqdf ,28 and, most importantly, by getting rid Ali P4AL-800 the infamous Massacre of the Citadel of the power of the military landlords, the Mamluks, who had been in effective control of the province for 27 28 For the founding of the new bureaucracy and its characteristic "household" nature, see Robert Hunter, Egypt Under the Khedives, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, Dar al-Thaqafa al-Jadida, ; and Kenneth M. Cuno, The Pasha's Peasants: Cambridge University Press, Having done away with the power of middle-men in the shape of former muhazims, religious men who were managing the azuqaf, or the Mamluks, more and more revenue was funneled to Cairo and into the Pasha's coffers.

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