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Transmitted power, P t, is provided by a high power amplifier HPA within the sending end of the link. The most important single element on each end, other than the LNA or HPA, is the antenna used to either radiate the signal into space or to capture it on the receive side.

As readers are aware, the performance of the antenna in terms of gain and beamwidth is governed by its effective area the physical area of the antenna, adjusted downward by the aperture efficiency. For the typical parabolic reflector type of antenna illuminated by a feedhorn of some type, the on-axis gain of the main beam can be calculated as a ratio from [4]: We Anchor Datacomm X.Sagitta External ISDN Adapter express this formula for a parabolic reflector antenna in a convenient form as follows:. This assumes a center-fed circular reflector antenna.

For noncircular offsetfed reflector antennas discussed in Chapter 3it is a common practice to use a mean dimension and adjust for error in the value of h. An important parameter for a parabolic reflector antenna is the half-power 3 db beamwidth [5]: Since most systems employ frequency reuse in the same beam, it is vital to provide adequate polarization isolation, measured as the difference in db between the desired and undesired polarizations. For linear polarization, this amounts to proper rotational alignment of the feedhorn, while for circular it is inherent in the feedhorn design itself. The other important characteristic with respect to interference is sidelobe isolation.

The following practical formula has become a specification for the maximum expected sidelobe level, in dbi: This formula was originally adopted by the U. Federal Communications Commission and has become a Anchor Datacomm X.Sagitta External ISDN Adapter standard for frequency coordination between GEO satellite networks. A version of the formula originally adopted by the International Telecommunication Union ITU permits 3 db Anchor Datacomm X.Sagitta External ISDN Adapter sidelobe level: The transmit parameter, EIRP, is composed of the first three variables in the power balance equation: To compute T sys, we must know the noise temperature of the earth station receiver assuming this is the downlink along with the losses associated with the antenna.

The following is the basic formula for computing the system noise temperature: Noise power density N 0 in watts per hertz of bandwidth is proportional to noise.

We then have the following relationship for carrier to noise density as a ratio: The following formula is expressed in db: Because the atmosphere is complex, A atm is really a combination of several losses caused by individual constituents e. Specific losses due to air and rain are illustrated in Figures 2.

The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook - PDF

We see that clear air loss is generally well under 1 db while rain attenuation above about 12 GHz ranges from 2 db to over 20 db, depending on the frequency and rain rate. Rain rate, in turn, is a statistical factor produced by the local climate; e.

As the title of this section suggests, the key earth station component for sending and receiving data is the modem. Readers are familiar with voice-band modems used to send and receive faxes and to connect to the Internet over the public switched telephone network PSTN. For satellite communication in particular, this is critical because the modem must optimize the transition. The digital side interfaces with the data source after any preparatory processes like multiplexing, compression, and encryption.

The analog functions, to be described below, shape digital pulses to reduce the RF bandwidth, modulate the pulses onto the carrier, and in the case of higher order modulation like QPSK, 8 phase PSK, and 16 quadrature amplitude modulation QAM transform the waveform into signals that conserve bandwidth. 30, ANC-XS, ANCHOR A ISDN ACCESS PLATFORM, 2.

31, ASC 2B1Q 67, CON-IBS EA, ETHERNET ADAPTER FOR CONTROLWARE IBS ISDN, (NMS CONNECTION), 2 87, DAT-ET1, DATACOM TEXTRON MODEL ET-1, 0. 88, DAT- Anchor Datacomm X.Sagitta External ISDN Adapter.TAI-C, TAINET C V EXTERNAL MODEM, 0. Some of the actors involved in the ISDN network. ATD Subsidiary business network: Internal versus external business Economica, X (N.S.), (37) Feb. ISDN is accessed by the user through ISDN adapters, terminal adapters, located in. The data communication supplier Anchor Datacomm.

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