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BEFORE setting ups apex next to your tank, take apex "brain" over to your wireless router and connect it hard-wired via ethernet. Next plug it into EB8 and then finally plug EB8 into the wall. Let everything get "started up" and then using a computer connected to THE SAME network via wifi used my laptop log into fusion, and using apex display get your "fusion token" 4. This should allow you to have apex all linked up with fusion and ready to go 5. Next I plugged the wireless extender Belkin one above into an outlet in the same room as my router and followed their quick instructions for connecting to my home wireless network, Apex Ethernet Card password and was all set up there.

Wireless Apex Adapter

Finally I unplugged the apex from the wall and router, moved it all down to my Apex Ethernet Card room, plugged in the wireless extender next to tank, and then ran a single ethernet cord for the extender to the apex "brain". Just need to make sure you have an open outlet for the wireless extender near the tank that is NOT the EB8 outlets Episode 2 review The truth is less clear cut.

The idea behind gaming oriented NICs network interface controllers seems great: But from what we've seen in our testing, it simply doesn't make Apex Ethernet Card dramatic difference the advertising claims. If you're buying a premium motherboard expressly for the "gaming" networking features, you'd be better off spending that money elsewhere.

JUE – Apex Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Not so fast… Testing Killer networking Picking a motherboard with the right feature list for this Apex Ethernet Card was easy. Qualcomm Long-time gamers might remember this technology from different manufacturers over the years, but the concept remains the same. Although the specs still favor Intel in terms of driver polish, DPC latency and extended features, those solutions are also more expensive. Pretty good deal, when taken as a set of separate controllers. The interface is slick looking and easy to use, although glitches such as settings that occasionally re-enable themselves are still present.

The problem comes from the extended driver package for gamers that tries to combine these separate controllers via the Killer network manager.

Motherboards with 'Killer' network adapters aren't worth your money

This adds bandwidth control and network priority rules to the mix and allows simultaneous use of all network controllers to assist with routing. This is meant to ensure the latest games and important software get fast-lane bandwidth privileges. Everything seems Apex Ethernet Card install and work smoothly, but test results were less optimistic.


Ethernet alone one the right, Doubleshot on the left. With a single exception, no tests or combination of settings made any difference, even when two or more separate local servers were accessed for copy operations, a best-case scenario configuration that bypasses some bandwidth limits.


This is the experience out of the box. When run with the latest downloaded rules, network file copy operations are shunted to Wi-Fi in a fruitless quest to preserve network speed, even when no high-priority network tasks are in evidence.

Wireless Apex Adapter REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

This predictably results in slower overall operation and produces some embarrassing results, especially in general use, with no Apex Ethernet Card advantages gained in return. Gaming results in the real world shadowed the benchmarks closely. Both Left for Dead 2 and CS: GO show no dramatic differences in server ping times or gaming experience beyond normal network variation. Apex Ethernet Card is it possible that in this ideal environment, improvements were so difficult to find?

Apex Ethernet Card reality is that bandwidth limitations outside the computer, and thus control of the Killer Network Manager, are almost always responsible for the bottlenecks in online gaming. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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