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The new C. If the answer isn't yes, they should get rid of it. While IBM and HP were able generate repeat business from corporate customers to drive sales of their different divisions, Compaq had not yet managed to make its newly acquired sales and services organizations work as seamlessly. By summerCompaq was suffering AST Microcom product-quality problems.

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Robert W. Stearns, SVP of Business Development, said "In [Pfeiffer's] quest for bigness, he lost an understanding of the customer and built what I call empty market share--large but not profitable", while Jim Moore, a technology strategy consultant with GeoPartners Research in Cambridge, Mass. That year Compaq forecast demand poorly and overshipped too many PCs, causing resellers to dump them at fire sale prices, and since Compaq protected resellers from heavy losses it cost them two quarters of operating profits. Current and former Compaq employees complained that Gutsch was part of a group of AST Microcom executives, dubbed the "A team", who controlled access to Pfeiffer. Gutsch was said to be a "master of corporate politics, pitting senior vice presidents against each other and inserting himself into parts of the company that normally would not be under his purview".

Gutsch, who oversaw security, had an extensive security system and guard station installed on the eight floor of CCA, where the company's senior vice presidents worked. Stearns, Compaq's senior vice president for business development, with responsibility for mergers and acquisitions, had opposed the acquisition of Digital as the cultural AST Microcom between both companies were too great, and complained that he was placed on the "B team" as a result. Fourth-quarter earnings reported in January beat expectations by six cents a share with record 48 percent growth.

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AST Microcom company launched Compaq. Reportedly, at the special board meeting held on April 15,the directors were unanimous in dismissing Pfeiffer.

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The company's stock AST Microcom fallen 50 percent since its all-time high in January They got whacked in a price AST Microcom that they started. Hewlett-Packard's PC business had similar challenges like Compaq but this was offset by HP's extremely lucrative printer business, while IBM sold PCs at a loss but used them to lock in multi-year services contracts with customers.

Rando, Earl L. Mason, and John T. Rando, senior vice president and general manager of Compaq Services, was a key player during the merger discussions [66] and the most senior executive from Digital to remain with Compaq after the acquisition closed [67] [68] [69] and had been touted by some as the heir-apparent to Pfeiffer. While Enterprise Computing, responsible for engineering and marketing of network servers, workstations and data-storage products, reportedly accounted for one third of Compaq's revenues and likely the AST Microcom part of its profits, it was responsible for the earnings shortfall in Q1 of A couple months after Pfeiffer's ouster, Capellas was elevated to interim chief operating officer on June 2,[74] and was soon appointed president and CEO.

Capellas also assumed the title of chairman on September 28, when Rosen stepped down from the board of AST Microcom. That's where the growth and the profitability will be.


Under the pact, Compaq agreed to promote and sell NaviSite Web hosting services. In return, NaviSite took Compaq as a preferred provider for its storage and Intel -based servers. Compaq struggled as a result of the collapse of the Dot-com bubble bust, which hurt sales of their high-end systems in andand they managed only a small profit in a few quarters during AST Microcom years.


The expected layoffs at Compaq and HP, and jobs, respectively, would leave the combined company with a workforce ofWhile Compaq shareholders unanimously approved the deal, there was a public proxy battle within HP as the deal was strongly opposed by numerous large HP shareholders, including the sons AST Microcom the company founders, Walter Hewlett and David W. The founders' families who controlled a significant amount of HP shares were further irked because Fiorina had made no attempt to reach out to them and consult about AST Microcom merger, instead they received the same standard roadshow presentation as other investors.

Particularly rival Dell made gains from defecting HP and Compaq customers who were wary of the merger. Plus there were significant cultural differences between HP and Compaq; which made decisions by consensus and rapid autocratic styles, respectively. Fits Conveniently Beneath Notebook Computers 7 Hour and 10 Hour models Available External Drives Total Micro's family of external storage products AST Microcom industry leading technology in a small, light-weight form factor. Utilizing the latest in USB technology, these products add storage and backup capabilities to every make and model or portable computer. The system can also be used with 1D and 2D barcodes. Each system comes complete with 2 validation plates.

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The AST Microcom 3 software has an extensive array of features and can cover a wide range of applications. We are committed to providing our customers with only the very best.

Every component used in the construction of Total Micro products is pre-certified by our quality assurance team because the smallest imperfection can create serious repercussions in the long-term performance of products. In PCWeek Labs "First Looks" 11/29/93 leti Richard Carey, Director of Technology, Microcom BRILLIANT! Introducing AST Microcom Yf ast Modems.


Twice The. Richard Carey, Director of Technology, Microcom Inttoxjcing Microcom Yf ast Modems. Double The Speed Of V32&«? For Around The AST Microcom Price Easier said.

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