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Returns the ESP hub to data mode.

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When the hub returns to Avocent ESP-2 mode, it once again listens for incoming data from the ESP hub at the other end of the connection. The remote hub will then send any data it may have stored. T he default value is ATQ0.

This command is equivalent to the Response Codes option that is specif ied when configuring Avocent ESP-2 modem emulation Avocent ESP-2 method. If you is sue this command with a value that differs from the configured option value, the new value will override the configured value only for this connection.


Subsequent Avocent ESP-2 will use the configured Response Codes option value. Modem Commands Continued. Sets the value in register S0, which spec ifies the number of rings before auto answer.


The default value is 1. Specifies whether text or numeric codes wi ll be returned in response to modem AT commands and how unknown commands will be handled. This command is equivalent to the Verbos e Response option that is specified when configuring the modem emulation connection me thod. Subseq Avocent ESP-2 connections will use the configured Verbose Response option value.


Activates command mode when entered from Avocent ESP-2 serial port during a remote host connection. See Command mode on page 25 for more information. Any commands parsed up to the point of the unknown command will be processed. Commands on the same line after the unknown command will not be processed.

Commands on Avocent ESP-2 same line after the unknown command, if valid, will be processed. Command mode. When an ESP hub serial port is configured fo r the modem emulation connection method but no TCP connection is established, the port is in command mode. When an ATDT command is received and a session is established, the port is in data mode. Data from the network endpoint will be forwarded to the serial port and data from the serial port will be forwarded to the network endpoint.

Avocent User Manual Electrical Connector Computer Network

When this string is detected, the hub will reply OK to the device and will enter command mode. The Avocent ESP-2 rules must be followed to enter command mode.

When a port enters command mode, the remote ESP hub will not Avocent ESP-2 aware of this state change. The remote hub will obviously not be receiving any data from the TCP connection, but if it receives serial data Avocent ESP-2 its attached device, it will attempt to send it to the ESP hub that is not listening because it is in command mode. In this case, the data will be buffered until the port on the intended recipient ESP hub returns to data mode.

Response codes. Outgoing calls. If the Monitor DCD option is enabled, the connect ion will be rejected if the control signal is logically low. The connection will be closed if the inbound contro l signal transitions from logically high to low during the call. Dialout translation. However, some devices that attach to modems may be unable to specify the IP Avocent ESP-2.

Avocent ESP-8 MI 8-Port Serial Hub eBay

In these cases, the ESP hub modem emulation provides an optional phone number translation mechanism for dialout applications. A dialout translation set consists of a translate string usually containing Avocent ESP-2 or part of a telephone numberan IP address and an IP port. You may configure up to eight translation sets for each ESP hub serial port.

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When an ATDT command is recei ved, the modem emulation code first checks each Avocent ESP-2 the eight dialout translation sets. If it matches, an outgoing connection is made to the specified IP address and IP port, instead of the target string. The Avocent is a 2-port ESP-2 MI multi-interface serial hub provides serial over IP access, which allows devices to be placed Avocent ESP-2 the point of need. Avocent ESP 2 MI Serial Hub - terminal server overview and full product specs on CNET.

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