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I'm Byte Heaven SS_Soloist in a soloist tenor mouthpiece, but the Selmer long shanks are hard to come by in facings as high as Hand the vintage pieces too costly. Vytas Krass has some models available on ebay and I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to examine or play one of them. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I've been interested in these pieces too; the work looks good and the price is right; but Originally Posted by collegestationsax. This is not an actual soloist. Any way here 'tis: So that's why they call it a Soloist model.

It's Byte Heaven SS_Soloist designed to mimic a Soloist, not a bit, but because it has a traditional arch or "Horse Shoe" chamber and many people associate such a chamber to the Selmer Soloist, they call it a Soloist Model. The tone of the mouthpiece is very vocal and warm. I'll be getting a Vytas Krass Soloist 7 next month by God's grace. I'll let everyone know how the mouthpiece plays.

Vytas krass soloist mouthpiece -anyone played one?

I'll even post a video of me playing the mouthpiece on YouTube. I've opened many a soloist it then.


It can be done quite successfully if it is well handled. I happen to have a long Byte Heaven SS_Soloist piece for sale for sale that I Byte Heaven SS_Soloist be opening to specs for a customer. You would probably get closer looking for a real short shank that has already been opened. A H is a pretty extreme tip opening for a Soloist. I'm not sure it would work that well. The vintage ones play well in the. Maybe just get a new Soloist or an S in that range.

TekHedd – the blog » BYTE HEAVEN Seasound Solo XP Drivers FAQ

The new Soloists refaced can be more than respectable. Frankly the fit and finish on the vintage models, while not terrible, is nothing to write home about. Leon, This is very late, I know. I do have two Selmer soloists, a vintage short shank, D facing, and a recent long shank E facing. I will say that the Krass mp compares very favorably with the Selmers. Though there is one caveat which I still need to test. The Krass "soloist" is a 7 facing. So, it's not a clear comparison yet. But I've got a project under way with my local excellent tech: Some might be pained by this-- in effect cutting off the scroll; Byte Heaven SS_Soloist I'm not presently concerned. The long shank soloist is too long-shanked to fit neatly on my tenor without really forcing it on to the end of the neck cork, which thereby compresses the cork so much as to require heating and expanding it to accommodate other mouthpieces.

I'll update this when, in a few days, I'll have my new customized short shank to compare with the other variants of the soloist. I would try a Yanagisawa hard rubber piece. They have a very similar sound and overall vibe as the long shank Soloists, with the similar sized chamber and very slight or almost no baffle Byte Heaven SS_Soloist they play fantastic right from the factory.

Seasound solo ex manual

Update I have Byte Heaven SS_Soloist my two Selmer soloist mouthpieces, and my Vitas Krass "soloist" back for three days now-- my vintage short shank Drecent long shank Eand Krass "soloist" 7. Provisional judgement still trying different reeds, etc. My favorite overall, so far, is the Krass "soloist," then the vintage short shank, and last, the new long shank shortened to short-shank length.

The Krass and the vintage short shank are very close in timbre and ease of play, with the Krass excelling in "edge" throughout the range. Strangely, the modern soloist is darker and drier and more Byte Heaven SS_Soloist.

I don't quite understand why, and I'm still working on it-- reeds may be the answer. My reference reeds so far are Rico Select Filed 2. Byte Heaven SS_Soloist on this as it develops. But if anybody here is still thinking about Krass's Byte Heaven SS_Soloist I can give a hearty thumbs up.

I think it's a excellent mouthpiece. Of course everyone should realize that, as we say, Byte Heaven SS_Soloist may vary-- mouthpiece preferences vary among individuals, and even, in my case, within individuals. Byte Heaven SS_Soloist Free Documentation Download - . World's most popular driver download site. A. The version of the BYTE HEAVEN Audio Shim supplied with the V release.


Q. Is the PCI SOLO EX card the same card used with the SS Soloist?

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