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To do otherwise, increases the risk of potential hazards and lated dangerous voltage that may be of suffi- injury to the user. The symbol is explained in the ser- important on Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG chassis which are transported to and from the vice manual with Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG following wording or equiv- repair shop.

Daewoo Dtq-15u5scg Driver Download

Never release a repair unless all protective devices such as insula- tors, barriers, covers, shields, strain reliefs, and other hardware CAUTION: Be sure procedures and instructions to all service personnel cover 5. No leads or components should touch a receiving tube or a resistor the subject of X-rays in current T. Lead tension around protruding metal sur- However, this tube does not emit X-rays when the high voltage is faces must be avoided. The proper value is given in the Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG 6. All critical components such as fuses, flameproof resistors, capaci- cable schematic.

Operation at higher voltages may cause a failure tors, etc. Do not use of the picture tube or high voltage supply and, under certain cir- replacement components other than those specified or make cumstances, may produce radiation in excess of desirable levels. Only factory specified C. After re-assembly of the set always perform an A. It is essential that the serviceman has available an accurate and safe to operate without danger of electrical shock.

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Do not use a reliable Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG voltage meter. The calibration of the meter should be line isolation transformer during this test. Use an A. Such as the having ohms per volt or more sensitivity, in the following one available at your distributor.

When the high voltage circuitry is operating properly there is no mfd. Every time a color chassis is ground 9water pipe, conduit, Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG. Measure the A. Reverse the A.

Daewoo DTQ-14V5FCNG/15U5SCG Manuals

We suggest that you and your service organization review part. Voltage measured must not exceed 0.

This test procedures so that voltage regulation is always checked as a corresponds to 0. Any value exceeding this limit standard servicing procedure. And that the high Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG reading be constitutes a potential shock hazard and must be corrected imme- recorded on each customers invoice. When troubleshooting and making test measurements in a receiver with a problem of excessive high voltage, avoid being unnecessarily close to the picture tub eand the high voltage compartment.


Wall and shelf mounted installations using a commercial mounting kit, must follow the factory approved mounting instructions. All direct viewed picture tubes are equipped with an integral implo- receiver Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG to a Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG or platform must retain its original sion protection system, but care should be taken to avoid damage feet or the equivalent thickness in spacers to provide adequate during installation. Avoid scratching the tube.

Daewoo DTQU1FSN Manuals

If scratched, replace are flow across the bottom, bolts or screws used for fasteners it. Perform Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG test on cus- 2. Use only recommended factory replacement tubes.

A receiver on a roll-about cart should be stable on its mounting to 1. Never install any receiver in closed-in recess, cubbyhole or closely the cart. Caution the customer on the hazards of trying to roll a cart fitting shelf space over, or close to heat duct, or in the path of with small casters across thresholds or deep pile Daewoo DTQ-15U5SCG. Caution customers against the use of a cart or stand which has not 2. Avoid conditions of high humidity such as:Did your Daewoo model DTQU5SCG direct view/digital Daewoo DTQV5FCNG/15U5SCG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daewoo DTQV5FCNG/15U5SCG Service Manual.

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