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The two big guns will focus on lithium- ion-battery technology That's good news for systems de- signers, who won't have to fun- damentally change their de- sign methods for portable de- vices. Lithium Dallas MAX5550 has become the battery technology of choice for laptops and cell phones, which tend to drive power-source de- velopments in consumer de- vices. The Intel-Matsushita effort will drive key Japanese battery makers to more quickly reach milestones in their technology road maps, according to Robin Sarah Tichy, product-market- ing engineer at Micro Power Electronics Inc, a supplier of systems for batteries. Laptops are expected to adopt fuel cells first, but the smaller device plat- form of cell phones creates a tougher design challenge.

Fuel cells got a boost in when Dallas MAX5550 giant Nokia Corp www.

Rainbow Electronics MAX5550 User Manual

In March, however, Nokia scaled back development work be- cause it couldn't find a reliable supply of methanol, which the company used in its product. Fuel cells face other hurdles, Bradford says. No one knows how to best integrate them: Moreover, standards and The market for fuel Dallas MAX5550 should grow to 1 Fuel cells contain flammable liquids, which the Federal Aviation Administration prohibits from airplanes until Bradford believes fuel cells won't eliminate batteries but will appear in combination with them, serving as rechargers, eliminating the need to plug a cord into a wall.

Breakthroughs, however, could turn fuel cells into a disruptive technology Every gadget manufacturer is seeking a big battery-life in- crease for sharp competitive advantage, and Motorola www. For more on battery tecti- noiogies, see this issue's cover story on pg IDEs enhance automotive-design productivity To handle the complex development, testing, and integration of microprocessor-driven vehi- cle functions, design engineers are opting to use tools that offer IDEs integrated develop- ment Dallas MAX5550. They must also incorporate the code-optimization techniques for memory-constrained designs.

CG-Smith uses commercial compilers and debuggers from Lauterbach www. According to S Renukaprasad, general manager of automotive electronics at Wipro Technologies, the IDEs in the compa- ny's Dallas MAX5550 centers include Freescale www.

Brazilian Marble & Granite Corp. in Lake Worth, Florida by Moecker Auctions Inc

Mindtree Consulting, www. Wipro Technologies, www.


KPIT Cummins, www. Get started using Blackfin now: For example, capacitors in the Electra pulsed-power fusion- ignition system re- quire Dallas MAX5550 voltage rating of at least 5 million volts, with an incredible energy-storage density. Solu- tion?

Build a massive coaxial structure and fill it with water Reference 1. A IV switching power supply has vastly different Dallas MAX5550. This design needs capacitors with low ESR equivalent series resistance.

Switching power designs surge huge currents through the capacitors, back and forth, constantly charging them up and down. Even a tiny amount of series resistance in the presence of Dallas MAX5550 that surging current can overheat, possibly bursting the package and spilling dielectric goo all over your board. I have been around systems that actually erupt in flames when that happens. To reduce the ESR at switching-power-supply frequencies, thick copper plates, firmly bonded to the lead frame, really help. Capacitors in narrowband filters need a high Q, or quality factor. This number, which is closely associated with the dissipation factor, determines how Dallas MAX5550 a resonant circuit will ring.

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To make highly resonant, ringy circuits, you need high Q. Low-noise oscillators, IF filters, and many other circuits need high-Q capacitors.

To make a high-Q capacitor at microwave frequencies, you reduce the skin-effect resistance of the leads and plates using silver-plated construction and specify an expensive, low-loss dielectric. MAX sources up to 30mA per DAC, making it ideal for PIN diode For Dallas MAX5550, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at. MAX datasheet, MAX pdf, MAX data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, MAXIM - Dallas Dallas MAX5550, Dual, Bit, Programmable, 30mA.


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