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Datacard CP60 & CP800 White Ribbon

A card or object is jammed in or near the duplex unit. Datacard CP60 Card 1: Open the duplex module cover at the back of the printer 1. Release any cards or objects stuck in the module 2. Make sure that the duplex mechanism can move freely in the direction shown 3.


Dm Duplex Jam Possible Cause Datacard CP60 Card A card is jammed in or near the duplex unit. Open the of the printer 1. Release any cards stuck in the module 2. Dm No Duplex Solution 2: Check the printer to see whether a duplex module is included in the printer.

Datacard ID Printers: Datacard CP60 Plus

Datacard CP60 Card If it is, power the print off and on; the printer might detect the module when the printer powers up. A card is jammed in or near the duplex module.

Solution 1a: Is No Card Picked A card was not picked successfully. Possible Cause 1: The input hopper is empty. Fan the edges of the cards so the printer picks one card at a time and Datacard CP60 Card load cards in the input hopper. Push the input hopper cover closed until it latches. Sy Data Error The setting sent to the printer does not match printer features.

Datacard CP60 card printer - how to get Open Platform driver working with Mint 10

A setting was sent to the printer for a module that Datacard CP60 Card not installed or enabled. Check the printer to see whether options are installed. If the option is not present in the printer, do not send data for the option.


The value sent to the printer does not apply to the printer attached. Sy Flash Error Possible Cause 2: Data being sent to the printer is corrupted or incorrect. Solution 2: Obtain the correct update Datacard CP60 Card or a new update file and repeat the process. Be sure to select the correct update file if you are using Printer Diagnostics or the file2prn utility. Sy Flash Error Solution: Press the Ready key on the LCD panel to clear the logo from the printer and make the printer ready. Datacard CP60 Card

Up to 4 logos can be stored in the printer. Each logo must be smaller than 64K. See the Data Formatting Guide to Datacard CP60 Card logos if needed. Ready to Ship. Feature Compatible Original. Compatible Brand Brother Canon.

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Sample Order Paid samples. Performance Problems The printer continually reports a The smart card contact contains a small mechanical switch. It may be preventing the ribbon from error is reported. Verify that it is positioned in the sensor and is not damaged. Datacard CP60 Card

Error Codes For example, if the printer is reporting a jammed card but the card is not located under the sensor, then the first place to begin troubleshooting is with the sensor it is possibly unplugged. Check the data Datacard CP60 Card entered Datacard CP60 Card the format selected. Page 73 DR The printer driver was not installed You may not have restarted Windows after you successfully.

Note: The Datacard CP60 has been replaced by the Datacard CD Do you have a CP60? Trade your CP​60 in for credit towards a new ID card printer. High impact speed and versatility.

Choose the Datacard® CP60™ Plus card printer for outstanding speed and superior operational versatility. This fast printer.

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