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Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Whenever you start Windows, you should be able to find the wi reless monit or icon loaded in the system tray, located near the cl ock on the task bar. While connected, you can place your cursor Broadxent CW2220 the icon to see the Broadxent CW2220 text that gives link information about the connectio n and si gnal strength. The graphic of the wireless icon changes to indicate your wireless connection quality. Possible ra dio connection quality and pr ocedures to take are. Graphic Radio Connection Quality. The radio signal is low.

Y ou can move your device closer to your tar g et Access. Point or wireless stati on for better signal Broadxent CW2220 rength. The radio signal is very weak. Y ou can move your device closer to your tar get.

Broadxent CW Wireless 54Mbps Notebook Adapter Discussion and FAQ Manual revised p69

Access Point or wireless stati on for better signal strengt h. No signal. It may due t o you are out Broadxent CW2220 range of th e wirele ss network or configuration errors.

Radio if OFF. Y ou manuall y disable the RF signal. W ireless connecti on unavailable.

Right-click t he icon display s the menu as shown bel ow:. Each item on t he context menu i s Broadxent CW2220 as below:.

Enable or disabl e the RF signal. Close the m enu.

Bona Driver Group: updated 4/8/

Windows XP provides built-in Wireless Zero Configuration utility for wireless configuration and monito ring. You can choose to configure your. This section only provides the essential in structions on using Windows XP wireless Broadxent CW2220 to get your wireless network establi shed.

Broadxent CW2220 more. Right-click the Wireless Connection icon on the system tray and select View Available Wireless Networks from the context m enu.

Depending on whether your wireless net work is establis hed, the context m enu may com e with different items. Select the wireless network you want to Broadxent CW2220 to. Ot herwis e. Click Connectthen you will join the target network a nd this dialog window will disappear. When y our wireless connection is established, th e. Go to Authentication tab first to. Wireless 54Mbps Notebook Adapter user manual details for FCC ID GX5-CW made by Broadxent Pte Ltd. Document Includes User Manual. FCC ID GX5-CW (GX5 -CW) Wireless 54Mbps Notebook Adapter manufactured by Broadxent Pte Ltd. operating frequencies, user manual, drivers.

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