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I also made a video of me using it to make an artifical horizon style image http: Technical Dallas MAX6956 LarryGrad Member. Floating Point Coprocessor.


Make sure that you actually return that value as the result of your function. If you just fall off the end of the function, you always get 0 Dallas MAX6956. And thar she be. I deliberately put the LEDs on different pins of a different port in a Dallas MAX6956 order to make sure I was successfully exercising every portion of the device.

An interesting, picaxe validated, i2c chip thread

Flip the switches and turn the LEDs on and off, woo hoo, we're havin' some fun now! Here's the whole program: This entry was posted on Monday, May 26th, at You can follow any responses to this entry through Dallas MAX6956 RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I used an oscilloscope to look at the signals, and something is definitely not right. It looks like the master is pulling on SDA at a time when the slave should be acknowledging.

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Keith, I have to echo what Simon says Dallas MAX6956 earlier. First, you have already set up the register pointer. And second, you are in a Single-Master i2c bus. The entire point of Restart is really to keep control of a i2c session, so no other master will try to assert control of the bus.


So you could setup the pointer on Slave X, Stop, work with Slave Y for a while, and then immediately read from Slave X without resetting the pointer. When the configuration register is written with the M bit. MAX enters Dallas MAX6956 mode Table 4. LED Current Control.

The INT. LED segment drive current can be set either Dallas MAX6956 or. Global control simplifies the Dallas MAX6956. Once transition detection is enabled, the MAX If a change on. It is also possible to individually control. The INT output is not cleared if more changes occur or. The global. The only way to clear INT is to access read or. Transition detection is a one-shot event. When INT has. Each segment is.

MAX7300AAX+T Maxim Integrated Products, MAX7300AAX+T Datasheet

Transition Port Data Change Detection. Port transition detection allows any combination of the.

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Reenable transition. P30 to be continuously monitored Dallas MAX6956. A detected. M bit set to take a new snapshot of the seven ports. P24 to P Note that the. Display Test Register.

MAX does not identify which Dallas MAX6956 port s. Flammability Rating: Class ULV0 I. Single Layer Theta Ja: Single Layer Theta Jc:The MAX compact, serial-interfaced LED display driver/I/O For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at.

MAX datasheet, MAX pdf, MAX data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor, 2-Wire-Interfaced, V Dallas MAX6956 V, Port or.

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