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Supported systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.X
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I have had customers with a not working token via virtualhere different brand and updating to latest token drivers gets it working Hi Michael, thx for your product.

I activated my license and have a working link between Omega Onion. When I put a USB stick, it's not Aladdin Token JC fast but it works listing the directory.


Nevertheless the reader is not Aladdin Token JC by calling applications. To format the eToken, click on the Initialize button and select Start to format the eToken. However when I update to version 9. Signing still works on Vista and Adobe 9.

Aladdin eToken

I've checked to make sure none of the settings relating to digital signing changed during the update and none have. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct the problem? Hi Nick, First up, there was a small error Aladdin Token JC my previous post.


Aladdin Token JC about that. I saw your post from yesterday http: Here's a little bit about the BER Decoding error. During the signing process Acrobat writes the entire file to disk which is why you always get the Save As dialog as part of the signing process in the signed state with everything but the actual signature. However, it does leave a hole in the file where the BER encoded cryptographic data will reside once it's be computed and formatted. One thing that is created before the actual signature is the signature appearance.

The signature appearance in the form field isn't really the signature proper, but just a graphic representation of the Aladdin Token JC signature. The reason that the signature appearance is written to disk before the signature is created is because it too is part of the signed data and must exist before the actual signature is created.

Aladdin Announces eToken PKI Support for Linux and MAC OS

In a perfect world, after the file is written to disk, the cryptographic signature is created and written into the hole in the PDF file, and the signing process completes without any problem. However, if we get to the point that the file has been written out, but during the actual signature creation the process fails, that hole I mentioned isn't filled in. Ask the system administrator for help. Form Aladdin Token JC hidden This is the type of form, example: Campaign ID hidden: Aladdin Knowledge Systems was founded in by Jacob Yanki Aladdin Token JCwhen he was 23 years old; he was soon joined by brother Dany Margalit, who took the responsibility for product development at the age of 18, while at the same time completing a Mathematics and Computer Science degree in Tel Aviv University.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The precise model of your token can be determined from the text moulded in the plastic enclosure.


This version never went into mass production as far as we know, and is not supported by OpenSC. These cards are too old, they are not supported by OpenSC, as they Aladdin Token JC some required features. Those were the first generation of tokens produced. About the size of an average house key, the award-winning Aladdin eToken is easy to use and highly portable, providing users with powerful authentication by requiring something they have, the tamper-proof eToken, and something they know, a password.

E-Mudhra Repository

For more information, visit http: Anyway thank you for your great job! Does the physical disconnection not work for the eToken or does this apply to all USB flash devices you tested? Same issues on Linux ubuntu 9. I can see 3 devices, but Aladdin Token JC cannot check any of them. Garmin Nuvi Please open a seperate defect for Linux hosts if one doesn't exist already. This defect is specific to USB on Solaris hosts.

Since USB is very different across hosts it would only make sense to open a new ticket. Digital certificate stored on Aladdin eToken.

Online, easy to browse user's guide. There is a rare version of the Aladdin eToken PRO with a G&D Starcos smart card inside. This version never went into mass production as far as Aladdin Token JC know, and is.

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