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The Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On features a scratch-brushed reinforced metal facing ensuring optimum solidity and inertia. The extensive built-in equipment — rotary knobs, switches and action buttons — boasts professional quality, enabling each driver to make precision adjustments according to his own racing style and the conditions on the track. The racing wheel offers two rotary encoder switches allowing direct, on-the-track optimization of the car's race settingseight push-buttons with a 6. When it comes to system compatibility, 2 Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel modes are available: At least at first, since after a couple of hours in F1you gradually realize that the rubber-coating and plastic on the sides are exactly what you need for longer holding of a wheel in such a shape.

While the wheel itself remains light and nice to touch. Because of the thick rubber coating you won't need F1 racing gloves hence your hands will not sweat excessively despite of the particularly narrower surface you have to position them, in comparison to the T RS's cool 30cm wheel circle.


There are as many as thirteen programmable buttons and three D-pads. Because of the Thrustmaster Quick Release system, changing the wheels indeed takes less than a minute after you've done it a few times.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

Convenient, we do not like wasting time on Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel. In details, here's the official description of all the buttons mounted on the PS3 wheel: A great carbon-fibre and monocoque hi-tech car, regardless if you are a fan of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa or not. Not that much of an inconvenience, it is all done in a few moments and this is a one-time update. Once having done this, all you need is to load your preferred game, take an appropriate position in the OpenWheeler game seat and start your racing adventure. F1 Wheel Add-On in-game performance. It won't take you long to break all your records established with the T RS's stock wheel.

The brushed-metal paddle shifters rotate with the wheel that makes high-speed turns with this specific wheel-type way easier. A further advantage here, needs to be taken into account. Accurately reflecting the authenticity - you can up- and downshift with either of the shifters. We found this particularly useful in multiple-lap races. In case you get tired at some point you can still get a Red Bull or a cup of coffee with your free hand. Alternatively, change any of your settings in either of the modes available. There's the 'Normal' mode you can chose when using the Ferrari F1 Add-On like a PS3 wheel or a PC-wheel - an overall of Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel well-responsive functions are available with the 13 action buttons and three D-pads.

Selecting the 'Advanced' PC-compatible only mode, you will be provided with as much as 25 function buttons and a D-Pad that sums up to some 29 programmable functions. We are aware that these are just numbers, usually aimed to impress. Nevertheless, we do confirm that the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On ultimate precision settings are possible. To fully enjoy them you need some time to read about and test all the multiple set-ups available.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

So, we have included a summary on our exclusive game seat in the paragraph to follow. Unlike the F1 racing cars, it is fully alterable in height, so any size of driver will comfortably fit any time. Last but not least, the chassis is made of stainless steel and you can alter the pedals distance of your steering wheel set by effortlessly sliding on its metal rails. The OpenWheeler game seat is compatible with any steering wheel set currently available for every single Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel platform. You can position it on any kind of surface without any worries, because in addition Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel its built-in front wheels for ideal mobility there are hard-floor protectors included.

The OpenWheeler simulator is also fully-foldable, so you can easily store it any place Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel like a wardrobe, even under your bed when not in use. Owing to its ergonomic support and ultimate compatibility it will become the long-lasting permanent component of your simulator equipment! However, obtaining just the wheel add-on is insufficient for game play.

That's why we have designed a couple of reasonably discounted bundles for your convenience. Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On PC / Playstation® 3 / Xbox One™ / PlayStation®4.

Technical data about the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel (a T RS add-on)

Add-On for use with T, T, TX Racing Wheel Series. Full-size replica of the Formula 1 Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 RS Wheel racing wheel, under official license by Ferrari. Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On PC / PlayStation®3 / Xbox One™ / PlayStation®4. Detachable add-on wheel to use with T, T, TX Racing Wheel Series.


Full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari [ ].

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