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The remote computer 49 may be another personal computer, a hand-held device, a server, a router, a network PC, a peer device or other network node, and typically includes many or all of the elements described above relative to the personal computer 20, although only a memory storage device 50 has been illustrated in FIG.


The logic connections depicted in FIG. Such networking environments are commonplace in offices, enterprise-wide computer network Intranets and the Internet.

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When used in a LAN networking environment, the personal computer 20 is connected to the local area network 51 through a network interface or adapter When used in a WAN networking environment, the personal computer 20 typically includes a modem 54 or other means for establishing communications 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse the wide area network 52, such as the Internet. The modem 54, which may be internal or external, is connected to the system bus 23 via the serial port interface In a network environment, program modules depicted relative to the personal computer 20, or portions thereof, may be stored in the remote memory storage devices.


It will be appreciated that the network connections shown are exemplary and other means of establishing a communications link between the computers may be used. For example, a wireless communication link may be established between one or more portions of the network.

Mouse includes an upper housinga lower housinga primary buttona secondary buttona wheela rocker buttonand an output cable Rocker button is capable of being rocked in directions into the side of bottom housing Primary button and secondary button are capable of being depressed toward bottom housingand wheel 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse capable of being rotated in directions and depressed in direction As shown in FIG. The encoder wheel shafts are oriented perpendicular to each other within lower housingand adjacent to the ball A wheel pin and an end pin both shown in dashed lines axially extend from each encoder wheel shaft into a pair of pin holes, formed in a pair of supportsto rotatably receive the encoder wheel shaft. Each pair of shaft supports rotatably retains one of the encoder wheel shafts The wheel pin axially extends from 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse end of the encoder wheel shaft proximal to the encoder wheel The end pin axially extends from the end of the encoder wheel shaft distal from the encoder wheel A spring-biased roller projects upwardly from and is rotatably retained by the lower housing The spring-biased roller is positioned opposite to an interior angle formed by the perpendicularly positioned encoder wheel shafts and biases the ball into contact with the encoder wheel shafts and toward the interior angle, while allowing the ball to freely rotate, and cause the encoder wheel shafts and the encoder wheels to rotate.

A 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse element, such as a phototransistoris positioned opposite 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse LED on the other side of each encoder wheel As each encoder wheel rotates, light from the LED is alternatively blocked and transmitted through the encoder wheel and received by the phototransistor depending on whether one of several notches in the perimeter of the encoder wheel is positioned between the LED and phototransistor A primary switch and a secondary switch are positioned below the primary input button and the secondary input buttonrespectively see FIG. A roller switch is positioned adjacent to wheeland can be actuated by depressing wheel downwardly as described below.

The switches and are spaced apart in positions approximately within the front left and right corners of the lower housingrespectively, to accommodate positioning of the wheel and 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse therebetween. It is desirable to allow a user to depress the primary or secondary buttons and at any portion on the upper surface of these buttons see FIG. The primary and secondary switches andthe roller switchthe LEDs and the phototransistors are all mounted on a single printed circuit boardand coupled by known means to additional circuitry mounted thereon. Additional circuitry includes a microcontroller and other discrete electronic devices known by those skilled in the relevant art to cause LEDs to emit light, to cause phototransistors to produce signals based on the light, to receive the signals, and to convert these signals to appropriate computer signals to be output over cord to the computer.

Rocker button includes support arms and that have openings used to snap fit rocker button into pins and that are integrally formed in lower housing Support arms and and pins and are positioned such that rocker button can pivot about an axis between pins and in directions shown in FIG.

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Rocker button is in contact with a rocker arm of a rocker arm switch Rocker arm pivots about a connecting pin 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse between two arms of a support Support is in turn supported by base supportwhich also supports a first switch Rocker arm switch is shown in more detail in FIG. In FIG.

As button is pivoted, it causes rocker 3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse to pivot about connecting pin causing either plunger to move into switch or plunger to move into switch and thereby closing the respective switch. Since rocker arm can not close both switch and switch at the same time, the switches are not independently depressible.

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In some embodiments, switches and include internal springs that open their respective switches when force is not being applied to button Signals from switches and are provided to additional circuitry of FIG. In alternative embodiments, rocker arm switch is implemented as two discrete switches.


In other embodiments, the orientation of the rocker arm switch or the discrete switches is different. As shown more clearly in FIG.

3Com A4Tech Serial Port Mouse pair of pins forming an axle extending axially from opposite sides of the disk A substantially rectangular cross-section hub extends from one of the pins The pins are snap-fit into a pair of round apertures formed by two pairs of upwardly extending fingers formed in a carriage As explained more fully below, carriage is movably retained in position in lower housing Results 1 - 25 of 81 - Get the best deal for serial port mouse from the largest online Serial mouse, A4Tech OK Serial Port 9 pin AT RS DB9 com port  Missing: 3Com. Serial RS mice could be connected to RS interfaces, such like the Amstrad Serial Interface, or to other (in-)compatible Serial interfaces  Missing: 3Com ‎A4Tech.

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