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Type: Driver
File Name: abit_9800xt_41561.zip
File Size: 26.5 MB
58 (3.32)
Downloads: 30
Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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In typical ABIT style the box has a dark look to it with a powerful graphic on the front.

Also indicated on the front of the box is the free Half Life 2 logo. Abit 9800XT the back of the box ABIT lists the complete product features of this video card along with the packaging contents.

Radeon XT Review - IGN

The inside packaging has really impressed us. So far this is the best layout for packaging we have come across for a video card. If you look in the first picture you can see what we saw Abit 9800XT we first opened up the box. Instead of bundling the Radeon XT with an assortment of stale titles from years gone by, the card would come with a free copy of Valve's eagerly anticipated Abit 9800XT to Half-Life. Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned.


A source code leak forced Valve to push back Half-Life 2's original September 30 release date, and gamers have been waiting ever Abit 9800XT. Thanks Scott!


Again, the is well in the lead. What's odd about this is the card's clear lead in both this and JK3, both games based on a heavily-modified Q3 engine, and the strange performance drop in JK2, based on the same engine. Abit 9800XT

Preview: ATI Radeon 9800 XT

Although the starts with a good lead, it loses that as the resolution and settings get cranked up. I mentioned in the Abit 9800XT that its scores here seem lower than they should be, or at least lower than they have been in the past, but I guess they need to have something to work on for the next driver release.

The XT has a pretty big gain over the Pro here, but it isn't quite big enough to take that lead from the Small performance lead here, but the is still Abit 9800XT the top performer Abit 9800XT X2. Of particular note is that it seems the extra MB of memory the XT has over the Pro doesn't seem to matter at all here.

Preview: ATI Radeon XT - Page 3 of 12 - ExtremeTech

Following the established pattern here, Abit 9800XT have Abit 9800XT XT getting closer to the in normal quality settings, and increasing the Radeon lead with HQ settings enabled. That extra MB of memory doesn't seem to be making much of a difference here, either.

Ah, but Abit 9800XT we can see a situation where the extra MB really, really helps. In the higher resolutions, with those quality settings at full, here's a 45FPS increase in x and a 30FPS increase in x So there's a situation where it might help Abit 9800XT have so much memory on your video card. Despite that the XT doesn't quite catch up in HQ mode; all that extra memory bandwidth and the higher core speed of the FX card are hard to match.

ABIT 9800XT DRIVER (2019)

The performance difference here is small, very small, except in the lowest tested resolution. Halo is one Abit 9800XT those games that you don't want to stare at for too long otherwise all of the pretty effects will pull you in and run your system into the ground; you can see for yourself how close the cards are matched in the higher resolutions.

ABIT Radeon 9600 XT and 9800 XT Graphics Cards

Doesn't seem like an Abit 9800XT MB of memory does much good here, nor does the extra bandwidth available to the FX Now before I get into any kind of closing section to this review, there's one important feature I've mentioned above that was not used in the testing, and I'm going to explain why. Since the card is a Radeon XT, you also receive a voucher to download the full version of Half Life 2 when it is released. Each partner Abit 9800XT only allowed to add stickers to the card, just like you can see ABIT has done in the picture below on their card.

As you will soon see, we had no problems increasing the core speed higher. Abit 9800XT Unreal Tournamentthe Abit XT pulls out ahead across the board. Note that the XT is faster at 6X/16X than the Ultra is at only 4X/8X.

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Abit's Radeon XT graphics card. Going to bat for Abit 9800XT red team by Geoff Gasior — AM on February 12,

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