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My first thought was that things were going to be cramped.

They are, but not really because of the motherboard. Abit's between Abit VP6 rock and a hard place here. On one hand, you could try to cram everything onto a normal-sized PCB, making the motherboard itself incredibly cramped. The other alternative is making the PCB a bit larger, and spreading things out. Abit's gone with making the PCB a bit bigger.


They've spread things out quite Abit VP6, and the additional size isn't a problem as long as you've got yourself a generous case like any self-respecting hardware geek should. There is plenty of clearance around both sockets for the larger breed of HSFs. The packaging for the VP6 is stock Abit. Now, if you're already using the 2 standard USB slots, I'm thinking it makes a Abit VP6 more sense to move the extra 2 up front so you can use them with MP3 players, digital cameras, or anything else you may regularly plug in and out. It doesn't make much sense to be reaching around the back of your PC all the time when there's plenty of real estate up front in terms of 3. That's just a nitpick, because I'm getting crotchety in my old age, but it just makes sense. Darth Via?

The north bridge chip is actually hiding under a rather menacing looking heatsink. With Via's reputation for flakiness, or at least for the potential for flakiness, Abit VP6 decided to run the VP6 through some torture stability testing. After all, dual processor motherboards are usually for servers and workstations, which need to be more stable than your average gaming hot rod. I Abit VP6 a SoundBlaster Live! This collection of rounded disk drive cables were sourced from various sellers on eBay.

Abit VP6 Retro Gaming PC Build

I wanted to use rounded cables rather than the standard ribbon cables due to the amount of stuff Abit VP6 crammed in to the midi-size PC case. No uber PC from the early s is complete without a 5. It accommodates 3. Creative Labs made several different 5. I wanted to get one for the complete Soundblaster experience, but they can be hard to find. I was a bit disappointed with this purchase as the photo showed a nice bright white bezel but as you can see here the plastic is quite badly yellowed. My original shopping list included an Iomega Zip drive, but not a Jaz drive as seen above.

This is the more common 1GB drive rather than the 2GB version.

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Philips LFH088800 Digital RecorderAbit's VP6 VIA Apollo Pro 133A DualCPU Motherboard - Page 1

As I mentioned above this could be useful for making backups of my Amiga system. The MB version of the ZIP drive did come out a little later than the rest of the system, but finding a good clean MB drive was proving rather difficult. To round out the complement of disk drives, I bought this 3. Rarely seen these days, the floppy disk would have been an essential component of any PC build from nearly two decades ago. Surprisingly this one is made by ALPS Electric who Abit VP6 better known for the mechanical keyboard products.

Abit VP6 Motherboard Specs

For peripherals, all I have at the moment is this Microsoft Intellimouse from an office furniture liquidator on eBay. The Build Once I had gathered up all the various parts I put the system together in an afternoon. The fans on the old heatsinks were looking a bit rough, so they were replaced with these orange Akasa ball bearing fans. After fitting the Akasa sound dampening foam to the case, the motherboard was installed, and various case header cables connected. The case from Evercase included a pack of these Abit VP6 isolating screws for the hard disks. Abit VP6 hard disks were fitted to the quick release drive cages using the above screws.


I placed the Abit VP6 Raptor HDDs in the lower cage as the 80mm intake Abit VP6 fan sits immediately in front of this area. Wanting to avoid such a disaster, I put blobs of hot-glue on the back of each connector.

Abit's VP6 VIA Apollo Pro A Dual-CPU Motherboard HotHardware

This photo shows how the glue insulates the power pins against the hard drive case. Next the Enermax PSU was fitted. I applied spiral wrap to the PSU cables in attempt to keep things looking vaguely clean inside the case. The lower drive cage was fitted, as were the 3. Cable management in this small beige box case was difficult, but the rounded cables paired with some zip-ties seem to be keeping things under control so far. The expansion cards were then fitted. Fitting the two Raptor HDD drives in the lower cage allows enough space for the extra long Voodoo graphics card to be fitted later. The last step was to Abit VP6 the power supply cables to the various devices inside the case. ABIT VP6 ✓ Specs ✓ Reviews ✓ Manual ✓ Drivers ✓ BIOS → free Download - dual Socket Motherboard with VIA Apollo Pro A for Intel Pentium.

Abit's VP6 VIA Apollo Pro A DualCPU Motherboard - Page 1. Right around the same time as the P4 was making it's debut on "the net", Abit's much anticipated dual processor capable VP6 began shipping, and the wheels started turning The VP6 is Abit's much anticipated follow up.

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