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Chapter 2, Setting Up System, describes how to adjust the jumpers and the connector settings.

Chapter 4, Watchdog Timer, describes watchdog timer setting and trigger. Static electricity is a constant danger to computer systems. The charge that can build up in your body Acrosser AR-B1662A be more than sufficient to damage integrated circuits on any PC board. It is, therefore, important to observe basic precautions whenever you use or handle computer components. Although areas with humid climates are much Acrosser AR-B1662A prone to static build-up, it is always best to safeguard against accidents that may result in expensive repairs. The following measures should be sufficient to protect your equipment from static discharge: Touch a grounded metal object to discharge the static electricity in your body or ideally, wear a grounded wrist strap.

When unpacking and handling the board or other system components, place all materials on an anti-static surface. Be careful not to touch the components on the board, especially the golden finger connectors on the bottom of the board.

Supermicro SYSA-PHF + IPMI :-[ Netgate Forum

This product is designed for the system manufacturers, integrators, or VARs that want to provide all the performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price. The AR-B is loaded with special on-board features that rival full-size systems. Acrosser AR-B1662A these features make the AR-B a very "system integrator friendly" solution, perfect for handling Acrosser AR-B1662A in the harshest unmanned environments.

Display Interface: Floppy disk drive interface: On-board one 2x5x2. USB port: Watchdog timer: On-board 2x10x2.


Before you begin installing your AR-B board, please make sure that the following Acrosser AR-B1662A have been included inside the AR-B package. At first, the layout of AR-B is shown, and the unpacking information that you should be careful is described. Overview System Settings 2.


Set them by changing the pin Acrosser AR-B1662A of the jumper 7 8 blocks. A jumper block is a small plastic-encased conductor that slips over the pins. To change a jumper setting, remove the jumper from its current location with your fingers or small needle-nosed pliers. Place the jumper over the two pins designated for the desired setting. Press the jumper evenly onto the pins. Be careful not to bend the pins. We will show the locations of the AR-B jumper pins, and the factory-default settings. Do Acrosser AR-B1662A touch any electronic components unless you are safely grounded.


Wear a grounded wrist strap or touch an exposed metal part of the system unit chassis. Set up pin DIMM Module Memory, please insert into slot vertical, if the direction is wrong and it leads to failure, please confirm the direction is right. VCC 2. Acrosser AR-B1662A 10 11 2. COM1 is a standard RS interface. COM2 use an adapter cable to interface with external equipment. Acrosser AR-B1662A

DSR 6. CTS RX 4. RTS 7.

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DTR 8. Power LED 2 2: External LED connector for Watchdog status indication. To utilize this Acrosser AR-B1662A, install the network driver from the utility diskette, and connect the cable to the following RJ header.

Acrosser AR-B1672 Chipset Driver B2.1

The following topics are covered:VIA Processor for VIA PLET with. VGA(CRT/LCD), SDRAM PC, 4 LAN. Compact Flash. User' s Guide. Edition: Book Number: AR-B Official Acrosser BIOS AR-BA Free Driver Download - AAvexe Acrosser AR-B1662A. World's most popular driver download site.

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