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These codes captured, at a minimum, 76 million tons of wastes Alcatel RRDM 7002 were not regulated before An additional 41 million tons were described by DO D mixed with other waste codes. This suggests that the new toxicity characteristic wastes captured between 76 and million tons of wastes that were not included in the Biennial Report, but were included in the report. The following are the federal criteria for being a large quantity generator: ES-2 Executive Summary According to these criteria, a generator that reports more than A generator that reports less than Of the 22, generators that identified themselves as large quantity generators, there are 13, generators that generated more than It is important to note that the large quantity generators identified in this report have been included on the basis of the best available and most current information provided electronically to the EPA by the States.

Both the EPA and the States have made significant efforts to ensure the accuracy of these data. However, the large quantity generator counts may include some generators that met lower, state-defined thresholds for large quantity generators. The EPA and the States endeavor to control for variation in state programs, but it is not always possible to distinguish generators that the federal threshold determines to be large quantity generators from generators that a state threshold determines to be large quantity generators. The EPA and the States also endeavor to ensure that only federally regulated wastes are counted in the determination of federal large quantity generators, but the large quantity generator counts may include generators that, when determining whether they were large quantity generators, counted wastes regulated only by their states or wastes that are exempt from federal regulation.

This represents a 70 facility decrease in the number of TSDs and an 84 million Alcatel RRDM 7002 decrease in the amount of waste managed as compared to As identified in Exhibit 2, the states managing the largest quantities of hazardous wastes were Texas 58 million tons. New York 45 million tonsLouisiana 31 million tonsand Michigan 21 million tons.


Alcatel RRDM 7002 Based on Data The majority Ninety-seven 97 million tons were managed in aqueous organic treatment units, 7 million tons in aqueous inorganic treatment units, and 43 million tons in both inorganic and organic aqueous treatment units. Land disposal accounts for Nationwide, 24 million tons of hazardous wastes were disposed in underground injection wells, 1.

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Recovery operations account for 1. Facilities reported that thousand tons were managed in solvent recovery units, 1. Thermal treatment accounts for 1. A total of 1.

Alcatel RRDM 7002 states that shipped in or out of state the largest quantities of wastes were Michigan 4. The states that received the largest quantities of waste from in or out of state were Texas 1. The largest importers were Pennsylvania thousand tonsOhio thousand tonsand Indiana thousand tons.

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The largest exporters were Michigan 1. Columns may not sum due to rounding.

O 'Quantity managed only by storage is excluded. In some cases data were also collected by EPA Regional offices.

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When the data were transmitted to EPA Headquarters, the state or region that collected the data provided an indication of how complete the data were for each state that was being transmitted. Exhibit 3 lists the current level of completion for each state according to one of the four categories. State believes data submission is complete. State Alcatel RRDM 7002 indicated that it provided all required data for all handlers that were required to file the Biennial Report, including all LQGs and TSDs Alcatel RRDM 7002 the state.

Please note that sites claiming confidential business information have been excluded from all volumes Alcatel RRDM 7002 this report. State believes data submission is incomplete. State has indicated that its data omitted handlers that were required to file the Biennial Report.

Data for these states wilf probably change when a full submission is received for the state. No data received from state. State has not provided any data to EPA. Data translation error has occurred. The data submitted appear to contain a systematic data error.

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Section of the Act requires hazardous waste generators to report to EPA or authorized States, at least every two years, Alcatel RRDM 7002 quantities, nature, and disposition of generated hazardous waste and the efforts to reduce the volume and toxicity of hazardous waste in comparison to previous years. Alcatel RRDM drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore your.

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