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Chapter 11 Case No. On July 29, the Petition Datethe above-captioned debtors and debtors in possession the Debtors filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code, 11 U. A list of all the Debtors and their respective case numbers is attached hereto as Appendix A. On October 22,the Court entered an order [Docket No. As described below, the Bar Date Order also establishes different bar dates for other categories of claims. For your convenience, enclosed with this Notice is a proof of claim form, which identifies on its face the amount, nature and classification of your claim sif any, listed in the Debtors schedules of assets and liabilities filed in these Cases collectively, the Schedules.

As used in this Notice, the term entity has the meaning given to it in Section 15 of the Bankruptcy Code and includes all persons, estates, trusts, governmental units and the Amigo Ami-518W States trustee. In addition, the terms persons and governmental units are defined in Sections 41 and 27 of the Bankruptcy Code, respectively.

As used in this Notice, the Amigo Ami-518W Claim means, as to or against any of the Debtors and in accordance with Section 5 of the Bankruptcy Code: Pursuant to the Bar Date Order, except as described below, all entities holding Claims against the Debtors that arose or are deemed to have arisen prior to the commencement of these Cases on the Petition Date are required to file proofs of claim by the General Bar Date i. The General Bar Date applies to all types of Claims against the Debtors that arose prior to the Petition Date, including secured Claims, unsecured priority Claims including, without limitation, Claims entitled to priority under Sections a 45and 8 and b 9 of the Bankruptcy Code and general unsecured Claims.

The Government Bar Date. Pursuant to the Bar Date Order, all governmental units holding Claims against the Debtors that arose or are deemed to have arisen prior to the commencement of these Cases on the Petition Date are required to file proofs of claim by the Government Bar Date i. The Government Bar Date applies to all governmental units holding Claims against the Debtors whether secured, unsecured priority, or general unsecured that arose prior to the Petition Date, including, without limitation, governmental units with Claims against the Amigo Ami-518W for unpaid taxes, whether such Claims arise from prepetition tax years or periods or prepetition transactions to which the Debtors were a party. The Amended Schedules Bar Date. If, subsequent to the date of this Notice, a Debtor amends or supplements its Schedules to reduce the undisputed, noncontingent and liquidated amount of a Claim listed in the Schedules, to change the nature or classification of a Claim against a Debtor reflected in the Schedules or to add a new Claim to the Schedules, the affected creditor is required to file a proof of claim or amend any previously filed proof of claim in respect of the amended scheduled Claim on or before the later of i the Bar Date applicable to such Claim and ii 20 days after the date that notice of the applicable amendment or supplement to the Schedules is served on the creditor.

The Rejection Bar Date.

Any entity whose Claims arise out of the Court-approved rejection of an executory contract or unexpired lease, in accordance with Section of the Bankruptcy Code prior to the confirmation of a plan of reorganization in the applicable Debtors Chapter 11 case, must file a proof of claim on or before the later of i the Bar Date applicable to such Claim and ii 30 days after the entry date of the order authorizing the Debtors rejection 2 RLF c d of the applicable contract or lease. The later of these dates is referred to in this Notice as the Rejection Bar Date. Claims based on acts or omissions of the Debtors that occurred before the Petition Date must be filed on or prior to the applicable Bar Date, even if such Claims are not now fixed, liquidated, or certain or did not mature or become fixed, liquidated, or certain before the Petition Date.

Except where the Rejection Bar Date, the Government Bar Date, or the Amended Schedules Bar Date applies to establish a different deadline or one of the exceptions in Section 5 applies, the following entities must file proofs of claim on or before the General Bar Date: If your Claim is scheduled by the Debtors, the attached proof of claim form also sets forth: You will receive a different Amigo Ami-518W of claim form for each Claim scheduled in your name by the Debtors. You may utilize the proof of claim form s provided by the Debtors to file your Claim. Additional proof of claim forms may be obtained at the following websites: All proof of Amigo Ami-518W forms must be signed by the creditor or, if the creditor is not an individual, by an authorized agent of the creditor.

The proof of claim form must be written in English and be denominated in United States currency.


You should attach to your completed proof of claim any documents on which the Claim is based or, if such documents are voluminous, attach a summary Amigo Ami-518W an explanation as to why the documents are not available. Any entity asserting Claims against more than one Debtor must file a separate proof of claim with respect to each such Debtor. In addition, any entity filing a proof of claim must identify on its proof of claim form the particular Debtor against which its Claim is asserted. A 3 RLF list of all the Debtors, together with their respective case numbers, is listed above. If more than one Debtor is listed on the form, the proof of claim will be treated as filed only against the first listed Debtor. Under the Bar Date Order, the filing of a proof of claim form shall be deemed to satisfy the procedural requirements for the assertion of Amigo Ami-518W priority Claims under Section b 9 of the Bankruptcy Code.

All other administrative Claims under Section Amigo Ami-518W of the Bankruptcy Code must be made by separate requests for payment in accordance with Section a of the Bankruptcy Code and shall not be deemed proper if made by proof of claim. Amigo Ami-518W deadline has been established for the filing of administrative Claims other than Claims under Section b 9 of the Bankruptcy Code. If you wish to receive acknowledgement of KCCs receipt of a proof of claim, you must submit by the applicable Bar Date and concurrently with submitting your original proof of claim a a copy of the original proof of claim and b a self-addressed, postage prepaid return envelope.


Proofs of claim may not be delivered by facsimile or electronic mail transmission. Any facsimile or electronic mail submissions will not be accepted and will not be deemed filed until a proof of claim is submitted by one of the methods described above. To determine if and how you are listed on the Schedules, please refer to the descriptions set forth on the enclosed proof of claim forms regarding the nature, amount and status of your Claim s. If you received postpetition payments from the Debtors as authorized by the Court on account of your Claim, the information on the enclosed proof of claim form may reflect the net remaining amount of your Claims.

If the Debtors believe that you may hold Claims against more than one Debtor, you will receive multiple proof of claim forms, each of which will reflect the nature and amount of your Claim against one Debtor, as listed in the Schedules. If you rely on the Debtors Schedules, it is your responsibility to determine that the Claim is accurately listed in Amigo Ami-518W Schedules.

Flush-mounted Cavity wall

However, you may rely on the enclosed form, which sets forth the amount of your Claim, if any, as scheduled; identifies the Debtor against which it is scheduled; specifies whether your Claim is listed in the Schedules as disputed, contingent or unliquidated; and identifies whether your Claim is scheduled as a secured, unsecured priority or general unsecured Claim. As described above, if you agree with the nature, amount and status of your Claim as listed in the Debtors Schedules, and if you do not dispute that your Claim is only against the Debtor specified by the Debtors, and if your Claim is Amigo Ami-518W described as disputed, contingent, or unliquidated, you need not file a proof of claim.

Otherwise, or Amigo Ami-518W you decide to file a proof of claim, you must do so before the applicable Bar Date in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Notice. Nothing contained in this Notice shall preclude the Debtors from objecting to any Claim, whether scheduled or filed, on any grounds. Device: Amigo AMIW Description: PCI Version: for NT Amigo AMIW driver for NT, version icon, Device: Amigo AMIW Description: PCI. AMIGO AMIW Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE - Win98_Vrar .

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