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Capitalized terms used herein that are not defined have the same meaning as in the Prospectus, unless otherwise noted.

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The financial statements and notes contained in the Annual Report of the Trust are incorporated by reference into and are deemed to be AOC 4Vn of this SAI. The principal U. The Trust was formed as a Delaware Statutory Trust on March 6, and is authorized to have multiple series or portfolios. This SAI relates only to the following Funds: If the Adviser changes the Underlying Index, the name of the Fund may be changed as well. AOC 4Vn


The shares of the Funds are, or will be, listed and expected to be traded on the Exchange. Shares trade in the secondary market and elsewhere at market prices that may be at, above or below AOC 4Vn. Shares are redeemable only in Creation Unit AOC 4Vn and, generally, in exchange for portfolio securities and a Cash Component.

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AOC 4Vn Units typically are a specified number of shares. The number of AOC 4Vn per Creation Unit of each Fund are as follows: The required amount of deposit may be changed by the Adviser from time to time. In each instance of such cash creations or redemptions, transaction fees may be imposed that will be in addition to the transaction fees associated with in-kind creations or redemptions.

The discussion below supplements, and should be read in conjunction with, that section of the Prospectus. Shares of each Fund are listed for trading on the Exchange and trade throughout the day on the Exchange and other secondary markets. There can be no assurance that the requirements of the Exchange necessary to maintain the listing of shares of any Fund will continue to be met. The Exchange will remove the shares of a Fund from listing and trading upon termination of the Fund. In order to provide additional information regarding the indicative value of shares of each Fund, the Exchange disseminates every fifteen seconds, through the facilities of the Consolidated Tape Association, an updated IOPV for each Fund as calculated by an information provider or a market data vendor.

The Trust is not involved in or responsible for any AOC 4Vn of the calculation or dissemination of the IOPVs, and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the IOPVs. An IOPV has an securities value component and a cash component. While the IOPV reflects the current market value of the Deposit Securities required to be deposited in connection with the purchase of a Creation Unit Aggregation, it does 4 not necessarily reflect the precise composition of the current portfolio of securities held by the applicable Fund at a particular point in time because the current portfolio of the Fund may include securities that are not a part of the Deposit Securities.

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In addition to the securities component described in the preceding paragraph, the IOPV for each Fund includes a cash component consisting of estimated accrued dividends and other income, less expenses. Dollar and the applicable foreign currency. The Trust reserves the right to adjust the share prices of Funds AOC 4Vn the future to maintain convenient trading ranges for investors.

Any adjustments would be accomplished through stock splits or reverse stock splits, which would have AOC 4Vn effect on the net assets of the applicable Fund. Each Fund operates as an index fund and will not be actively managed. All Funds use a replication strategy. A replication strategy is an indexing strategy that involves investing in the securities of the Underlying Index in approximately the same proportions as in the Underlying Index.


However, the Funds may utilize a representative sampling strategy with respect to its Underlying Index when a replication strategy might be detrimental to its shareholders, such as when there are practical difficulties or substantial costs involved in compiling a portfolio of securities to follow its Underlying Index, or, in certain instances, when securities in the Underlying Index become temporarily illiquid, unavailable or less liquid, or due to legal restrictions such as diversification requirements that apply to the Funds but not the Underlying Indexes. The following supplements the information contained in the Prospectus concerning AOC 4Vn investment objectives and policies of the Funds.

AOC 4Vn are receipts that are traded in the United States evidencing ownership of the underlying foreign securities and are denominated in U.

GDRs are receipts issued by a non-U. GDRs may not be denominated in the same currency as the securities they represent.

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Generally, GDRs are designed for use in the foreign securities markets. A Fund will not invest in any unlisted Depositary Receipt or AOC 4Vn Depositary Receipt for which pricing information is not readily available.

Generally, all depositary receipts must be sponsored. The Fund, however, may invest in unsponsored depositary receipts under certain limited circumstances. A non-sponsored depository may not provide the same shareholder information that a sponsored depositary is required to provide under its contractual arrangement with the issuer. Therefore, there may 5 be less information available regarding such issuers and there may not be a AOC 4Vn between such information and the market value of the depositary receipts. Non-diversification risk is the risk that a non-diversified fund may be more susceptible to adverse financial, economic or other developments affecting any single issuer, and more susceptible to greater losses because of these developments.

Each Fund may also concentrate its investments in a particular industry or group of industries, as noted in the description of the Fund. Compliance with the diversification requirements of the IRC may limit the investment flexibility of AOC 4Vn Funds and may make it less likely that such Funds will meet their investment objectives.

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