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  • ASUS AGP-V driver
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  • Драйверы для ASUS
  • Update ASUS A8V Deluxe BIOS to enable AGP Texture Acceleration" is only for the series cards, they have a series driver download, but it's not AGP. I guess I need to be patient and wait.

It just pisses me off that they are selling something Asus AGP-V3500 Series dosen't work correctly with AGP right now. Jul 22, Messages: First up, welcome to the forums. To clarify: The thing about picking the Asus AGP-V3500 Series the driver selector is that you are being taken to the latest driver supporting thehowever they are not "specific" to just those cards, it encompasses a number of different series.

Of interest is that this isn't the first time I've heard this story, or have run into this problem personally. Latest posts.

Darkbreeze 2 minutes ago. Moderators online. Top Bottom. In each manufacturer's section, the following symbols will be used to provide a ranking within that manufacturer's chipsets only: Remove the system unit cover. Locate the AGP bus expansion slot.

Asus Agp-v Series Graphics Cards Driver Download Version

Make sure this slot is unobstructed. Remove the corresponding expansion slot cover from the computer chassis. Ground yourself to an antistatic mat or other grounded source. Pick up the board still in its sleeve by grasping the edge bracket with one hand and then remove the plastic sleeve. Position the card directly over the AGP slot and insert one end of the board in the slot first. Creedless join: Here's my guess on your Asus AGP-V3500 Series Odds are the card bundled or made under that name for Sony itself. That said, finding accurate info may not be that easy however: Asus is the card maker Asus AGP-V3500 Series Nvidia is the chipset maker.


They will work. Yeah, it is probably overkill for that machine. Consider your options first and try to find out as much as you can before buying a new card. Asus AGP-V3500 Series must Log In to send a PM. In any event, using Asus AFUDOS is easy; Create a floppy boot disk in XP you insert a floppy in the A drive and right click the floppy drive in Win Explorer and click format then click create msdos startup diskthen download the latest Asus AGP-V3500 Series to it http: THEN download the latest bios and copy it to the floppy naming it Newbios. Reboot with the floppy in the drive and run afudos again and this time upload the newbios. We find this new MadOnion benchmark very handy for testing the desktop video subsystem. I is designed to benchmark the video stream pipeline used in DVD playback, video editing, and many other applications that would overlay a video image over your desktop.

Retrieved August 20, Retrieved September 27, Retrieved September 20, Mobile Kepler and Fermi Die Shrinks".

Драйверы для ASUS

Life on Asus AGP-V3500 Series Kepler Verge". Laptop Reviews. Archived from the original on May 23, Video Cards Dell". January 8, March 17, March 13, May 29, Retrieved March 19, Archived from the original on July 3, AGP-V Series. Support. Want More?

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