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Drive sizes quoted per Windows The optical drive, located on the left side of the laptop, is responsive and spins up quickly.

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On a small label there are three stickers: The laptop comes preinstalled with LightScribe Asus G1 Notebook but after a check with ASUS through an email correspondence and a quick call it was revealed that the laptop is not LightScribe capable. Why the software was installed or presented clearly on the desktop is unknown to me. A week ago Albert, a rep I spoke with to test the responsiveness of the customer service, was uncertain about LightScribe being on the device and a week later another rep was certain it was not included per an email he had just received.

My disappointment aside about LightScribe, the optical drive does work well.


The noise it generates is audible, especially during burning, but overall not so much that it may disrupt a movie. Lato inferiore: Asus G1 Notebook seguito riporto gli screen-shot delle specifiche tecniche del processore e della scheda madre. Video Come detto in precedenza, lo schermo ha un formato di Regarding response and precisions we could not detect any anomalies. The pad is edged by an aluminum part, which also contains both of the touch pad's buttons. Despite the challenging choice of material, they can be used in their whole extend without any problems. Furthermore, the Asus G1 comes with Asus G1 Notebook pads providing additional keys.


A row of keys is at the front side of the notebook and provides keys for controlling the media player. Another one is right above the Asus G1 Notebook and keeps keys for Asus typical functions, e.

How to replace Asus G1s Gaming laptop graphics card - TechRepublic

Unscrew the screws and lift the door up. This should reveal the memory that is currently installed in the computer.


Pull the metal bars either side of the module back a bit and pop the old modules out. Once the old module is out you can Asus G1 Notebook the new module in and push it down so it locks in place should look exactly the same as the old one did. If you can not find a door on the bottom of the laptop you can have a look at the manual that came with the laptop which often tells you where the memory slots are.

Asus G1 Laptop Review

The layout of certain keys is very much a matter of individual Asus G1 Notebook however I am personally pleased to point out that some of my most used keys are handily located along the right edge of the keyboard. My one gripe with the layout is that I have not yet adjusted to the position of the left CTRL key which my brain thinks should be one key position further to the left.

Screen A very important factor for me going for this machine was one of screen resolution. Hot Keys Asus G1 Notebook are four shortcut keys above the keyboard, these include "Power 4 Gear" button which allows you to switch between various Power Schemes quickly, e. Battery saving mode or gaming mode lots more options in there also. Still, it addresses ASUS's lack of retail presence, one of my long-standing complaints. The G1S can now be found at your local Asus G1 Notebook Buy for a very reasonable price.

Living Happy With Your G1S - Asus G1S Wiki

Asus G1 Notebook ASUS puts a lot of emphasis on design, and it shows. The G1S's lid bears some resemblance to that of the Acer Ferrariwhich uses carbon fiber on its chassis. Page 15 Disassembly procedure 9.

Remove the right and left hinge. Tear the following pastors on LCD back cover like the picture shows.

Page 16 Disassembly procedure Take the Asus G1 Notebook out of LCD, and then remove camera module. Page 17 Disassembly procedure Disconnect the camera cable from camera. Remove all tapes on antenna cables. Most laptops fall around 6 pounds making the G1s slightly heavier than a mid-sized laptop. The Asus G1s laptops offer a unique design, which attracts people with its dashing looks alone.

Replacement parts for Asus G1 Notebook

The chassis appears to be colored in a basic-black look but when examining closely a crosshatch pattern is revealed which adds some extra Asus G1 Notebook. Comprehensive review of the Asus G1S notebook with a variety of measurements, benchmarks, and ratings.‎Case · ‎Input Devices · ‎Performance · ‎Verdict.

This page provides reviews and other infos about the notebook Asus G1S.

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