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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V - Editors' top picks - Pictures - CBS News

Image quality and performance Overall, we would Asus HX97 that the HX9V captures pleasing images that are both sharp and vivid. Even with a 16x zoom lens, pictures are reasonably sharp from edge to edge. Even with an unsteady hand the HX9V does an impressive job of blending and aligning images when creating 'Hand-held Twilight' or HDR images which produce well-detailed images without much obvious 'ghosting' unless shooting at the far end of the zoom. However, in some instances when using modes such as HDR or Anti Motion Blur, noticeable digitizing can appear in midtone areas.

The HX9V's 16MP images are generally sharp and well exposed, but Asus HX97 low ISO settings, aggressive noise Asus HX97 tends to remove much of the low-contrast detail. With the larger zoom lens can come more apparent CA, however the HX9V does a good job of reducing these in-camera.


The HX9V performs well in low light even in its regular shooting modes, but utilizing the 'Hand-held Twilight' mode can produce brighter images and lower noise than shooting with a higher ISO setting alone. It is important to note that this fringe reduction is turned off when utilizing the high speed shooting modes, so in some cases you might see an increase in the visible fringing when shooting in HDR or 'Hand-held Twilight' modes, for example. Hand-held Twilight mode blends multiple images to create an image with less noise and blur than would Asus HX97 be possible with a single high ISO shot. This image, essentially a composite, was shot in very low light but is acceptably sharp.


Sadly, the HX9V is affected by the same laggy operation as its predecessor. From shot to shot the camera behaves as quickly as one would expect, menus are responsive and shutter lag is minimal, but it's slow during startup, playback and when switching modes. Startup takes about 2 seconds, and when zooming into images in playback mode that same lag shows up again, with the camera taking a full 2 seconds to respond. If you don't often review your images while you shoot Asus HX97 may not be such a noticeable problem, but if you are photographing a moving subject and want to be absolutely certain it's in focus you may lose your opportunity while waiting for the camera.

Power Connection Procedures "Start" button and the system will give three quick beeps after about 30 seconds and power off after windows shut down.

The message: This utility will not operate if the system Asus HX97 under protected mode or virtual mode. SYS" files. It even has GPS for geotagging photos so always know where you were when you shot something.

Cokin Filter Holder on Sony HX9V CheesyCam

Of course all the features in the world don't matter if the photos Asus HX97 good, Asus HX97 for a compact megazoom, they're excellent, especially if you take full advantage of the HX9Vs tech. Colors aren't necessarily accurate, but they are pleasing and vibrant and if you don't like them, there's a real color mode for sure color. It does very well in low light too and shooting performance is faster enough to get clean shots of active kids and pets.

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The camera lacks the aperture priority and shutter priority modes, but these settings can be Asus HX97 through the manual mode. The interface is pretty easy to operate and we found ourselves enjoying the ease of use a lot. There are three options. The first is the ability to view a 3D captured image on the Asus HX97 as well as a 3D TV; the second is 3D sweep panorama; and the third is the ability to capture images in 3D to be viewed on a 3D TV.

We had to tilt the camera to view 3D images on it. Other features of this camera include full HD p video recording, a built-in GPS and compass as well as several scene modes, giving you the ability to capture images based on profiles such as soft-skin, fireworks, snow, sports, etc. At ISOthe image appeared devoid of any noise. Slight image noise and a bit of colour saturation started appearing vividly from ISO onwards. Clicking images at these settings in a well lit area is possible. The highest ISO sensitivity on this camera is and at this setting, there was quite a lot of noise and it is recommended not to use it in Asus HX97 bright area.

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Unfortunatelym there is no other aperture setting available for this camera. If one wants to capture images that show the Asus HX97 of field, the background defocus mode is also available. Zoom test Zoom Test The 16x zoom is one of the most interesting aspects of the camera. Even while Asus HX97 with zoom set at this setting, images appeared crisp thanks to the built in image stabilizer.

There is no blur even with the zoom set to its maximum. HX Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · CPU / Memory Support · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual &. HX Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT HX97 User Manual Asus HX97 E Downloaded DOWNLOAD.

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